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Jewel of the day: Melanie Georgacopoulos Mother of Pearl Bracelet

If pearls are seen as stuffy and conservative, mother of pearl is often seen as its cheap, sleazy cousin. But here, mother of pearl is used to excellent effect in a necklace set in 18k white gold and fastened with a South Sea pearl.

By Melanie Georgacopoulos, this is a sharp contemporary piece that makes elegant use of its materials. What more could you ask for? About the designer (who is now in charge of designs for Tasaki), who describes her aesthetic as, “challenging ideas about classic pearl jewellery. Here she set to capture the elemental quality of this organic, precious stone and to reinvest it with modern meanings far removed from tradition. Since then she has been exploring the endless aesthetic possibilities that the pearl can provide as jewellery. Her work constantly defies convention, bringing the pearl to the domains of art and high fashion, whilst retaining its quality as a wearable accessory.”



Jewel of the day: Alexandra Jefford Ellipse Ring

I like the use of space in this ring, and the wide open circle where typically a stone or stones would be set. By Alexandra Jefford, this ring is made of 18k pink gold set with pave diamonds. The piece is described as, “A unique ring, featuring an elliptical cycle embellished with diamonds and a random white gold dot speaks of perfection and imperfection, love and individuality. A beautifully handmade jewel that can….”

This sells for €4,250.


Jewel of the day: Jo Hayes Ward Parquet Crescent Necklace

The baguette diamonds set to mimic the woodwork of a parquet floor makes me think of the 1970s – but in a good way. By Jo Hayes Ward, it’s rendered in 18k yellow gold with seven baguette diamonds (carat weight not indicated) and a length of 50 cm.

This sells for €2, 200.


Jewel of the day: Zoe Chicco Pave Line Knife Edge Cuff

This is a pretty alternative to better known gold bracelets/cuffs/bangles (yeah, Love bracelet, I’m looking at you). By Zoe Chicco, it has an undulating line of small pave diamonds (.53 carats) across the knife edge of the thin 14k yellow gold cuff. It measures 5mm wide and sells for USD$4,100.



Jewel of the day: Brooke Gregson Maya Enamel and Turquoise Ring

Brooke Gregson‘s work is bright, colourful and happy looking. Her bio: Brooke Gregson fine jewellery is known for featuring outstanding natural gemstones. Brooke’s well-developed eye and search for gemstones with special qualities uncovers often overlooked stones with depth of colour and unique characteristics that attract the intuitive wearer.  She hand selects each gemstone for its inherent beauty and soul that evoke an emotional reaction.

Brooke strongly believes the final beauty of each item is a sum of all the passion and strength involved in its creation. It is this relationship between designer and craftsperson that forms the foundation of each piece of Brooke Gregson jewellery making it deeply personal.

In addition to seasonal fine jewellery collections featuring her one-a-kind pieces, Brooke is well known for the Astrology and Planetary Collection that launched her jewellery line in 2004. Inspired by her studies in astronomy, textiles and geology they are still a firm favourite, combining diamond constellations in hand cast textural gold surfaces that mimic the surface of the moon.

Brooke Gregson signature silk woven bracelets and necklaces, first introduced in 2008, form the backbone of Brooke’s layering approach. Using hand woven silk with gold or silver and diamonds or semi-precious gems, these bracelets and necklaces can be worn on their own or in combination with our other fine jewellery pieces. Brooke’s continually evolving designs allow her customers to add to their look over time by combining and layering pieces that best reflect their own personality.

Brooke works from her studios in Notting Hill and Los Angeles and has been making jewellery with the help of master craftsmen since 2004.  Each piece of Brooke Gregson jewellery is hand made in Los Angeles or London with the greatest care and attention to detail.”

This ring is set with a large (3.46 carat) turquoise stone carved into a leaf, set in 18k engraved and enamelled gold. This sells for USD$9,550.00


Jewel of the day: AS29 Onyx and Diamond Choker

Here a somewhat minimalist design with a maximal price – USD$66,000.

By Audrey Savransky, who designs as AS29, the site notes the materials and the price. There are also two pairs of matching earrings. There are more photos (but not much more info) on the brand’s Instagram page.


Jewel of the day: Stone Paris Exquise Earrings

These pretty and delicate earrings could be a daily go-to. Discreet but with a touch of sparkle. By Stone Paris, they are made with 18k white gold set with .19 carats of diamonds. They are about 1.25 inches long, and sell for USD$2,795.



Jewel of the day: Marteau Turkmen Silver Armband

This antique piece of Turkmen silver, an armband, looks fresh and contemporary though it is circa 1890. It is sold by NY-based Marteau for USD$545. They note, “The mountain ram is a sacred animal to the Turkmen and its horns are frequently used in rituals, you can see the curled horn motif throughout this bracelet. With the help of the ram, this cuff harnesses supernatural power for a look, and a feeling that unearthly.”

It measures 7″ interior circumference, with a 1″ opening, and is 3.25 ” high.


Jewel of the day: Harwell Godfrey Elements Collection “Water” Labradorite Necklace

This is part of a collection by Harwell Godfrey which they describe as, “Created as a celebration of the energy of stones, the Elements collection is based on the four astrological elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Just as each element has its own distinct metaphysical properties, Harwell Godfrey has given each its own distinctive look and feel.

Choose from within your zodiac element to enhance existing qualities, or choose a complimentary element to promote a needed balance. “

This piece is made of labradorite set in leather with long fringe; it sells for USD$495.


Jewel of the day: Sorellina Otto Pietra Earrings

According to their “about statement, “Sorellina is a jewelry design house that redefines the “everyday” piece of jewelry. Neither subtle nor discreet, Sorellina pieces are bold, statement pieces made for the urban, modern day woman. Sorellina creates a harmonious dichotomy by seamlessly blending opposing ideas of feminine with masculine and vintage with modern. A distinct style emerges from this balance that is quintessential Sorellina.”

Their jewelry is luxe and has a timeless look that straddles antique and contemporary. These earrings are made with mother of pearl with a .34 carat diamond pave halo set in 18k yellow gold. They sell for USD$1,375.


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