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Jewel of the day: Me&Ro Lapis Drop Earrings

Even though the price of gold has dropped from its stratospheric price of a few years ago, most jewellers never dropped their prices to coincide. So it’s rare to see anything made with gold that doesn’t cost, well, more than it should.

These earrings by Me&Ro are a pleasant exception. Set with a teardrop shaped piece of lapis lazuli, they are approximately 1″ in length and 1/4″ at their widest, hanging from 1 1/4″ of recycled 18K gold chain with 18K gold beads. The full earring hangs approximately 2 1/2″ from the ear on 18K gold ear wire. And more pleasantness: they sell for USD$400.


Jewel of the day: Anthony Lent Brickface Pendant

I’m a sucker for faces in jewellery and these have been a popular element, especially in Georgian and Victorian times. This piece is quite contemporary, though it does draw on antiquity. By Anthony Lent, he explains, “The Golden Mean, a proportion famous since antiquity for being aesthetically pleasing. It has also been observed throughout the natural world, the magic number behind structures as miniscule as DNA and as vast as galaxies. The Brickface also happens to fall into this perfect proportion While all the while evoking strength and solidity.”

The pendant is rendered in 18k yellow gold, with .03 carat total diamond weight for the eyes. It sells for USD$2,300.


Jewel of the day: Pamela Love Luna Ring

Can you tell Halloween is approaching? Did the sight of Christmas decorations give it away? Halloween is indeed on its way and there’s nothing like a little subtle Goth to bring it home. Like this ring by Pamela Love, with it’s bat shape on either side of a moonstone. Although to be fair, she does describe them as crescent moons; the shape of the wing looks bat-like to me. (Maybe it’s just me thinking of Halloween?)

This is made of bronze, but is also available in sterling silver and with different stone options. The bronze version is USD$125; in silver, $200.


Jewel of the day: Andrea Fohrman Phases of the Moon Bracelet

The moon is an enduring symbol in jewellery and provides a lot of different representations, given its various phases. Here, Andrea Fohrman has captured them in a whimsical charm bracelet. Available at Net-A-Porter, the site notes, “Fine jeweler Andrea Fohrman draws inspiration from the “tree-carpeted canyons, sunlit redwood forests and the waters of the Pacific,” where she grew up. This handmade celestial bracelet is strung with 12 18-karat gold charms on a delicate 14-karat gold chain – each pendant represents a phase of the moon. The rainbow hued sapphire, emerald, tourmaline and amethyst stones were all hand-picked by the designer during her world travels.”

This sells for USD$10,400.



Jewel of the day: Elia of Albania Wedding Tiara

On October 8 Elia Zaharia married Leka II of Albania (variously described as crown prince and king. Since Albania doesn’t have a recognized monarch, it’s tough to say which. Some news sources have said prince/princess; some of have said king/queen.

The good news is the the bride got to legit wear a tiara. The bad news is … it’s this one, known as the Ram of Skanderbeg tiara. It features a ram in the centre, a nod to an earlier Albanian ruler and a design feature on many Albanian jewels. It looks (marginally) better on than in photos. Anyhow, she did make for a lovely bride. The happy couple will reside in the Albanian capital of Tirana.




Jewel of the day: Crazy Pig Designs Hannya Japanese Mask Ring

UK-based Crazy Pig Designs does some intriguing figural work in sterling silver. From their “faces” selection comes this piece inspired by the Hannya Japanese mask (though this rendering has a bit of a Rodney Dangerfield look to it … just saying). According to Wikipedia, ‘The Hannya mask is used in many not and kyogen Japanese plays, as well as in Shinto ritual kagura  dances. The Hannya mask portrays the souls of women who have become demons due to obsession or jealousy.”

The site has a lot of interesting work; definitely worth a browse. This piece sells for £165.


Jewel of the day: Noir Dinosaur Rib Cage Cuff Bracelet

If you’re looking to up your fierce quotient, Noir has just the thing for you – this bracelet they’ve dubbed the dinosaur rib cage cuff. I can see it. It looks pretty amazing on, too and will keep your style from becoming extinct (yeah, I had to go there.)

It’s made of rhodium or gold plated brass and can be yours for USD$450.


Jewel of the day: Victorian Keeper Ring

What I find most appealing about this ring, a Victorian version of the promise ring, is the significant wear it bears. It speaks to being worn for a long time by someone who treasured it. Offered by Ruby Lane seller Victoria Sterling, the description notes, ”

The Keeper ring has many legends, amongst them is that it was given as a sort of pre-engagement or betrothal ring a year before an official engagement was made. A sign that the giver thought that the receiver was worth ‘keeping.’ All roads lead to romance in Victorian England and the appeal and mystery of the Keeper ring still abounds today. This Victorian ring is wonderfully sentimental and would serve well as a great wedding band. It could be sized down a bit (or up a bit). It has weathered some in its over one hundred years of wear and is sure to look great after a hundred more. The gold has the soft feel of heavy velvet.

This wonderfully handcrafted Keeper ring is handcrafted in 18 karat gold. It was made in England around 1880-1890, while it was fully hallmarked when it was made, the marks are now too worn to totally make out. It has been acid tested to verify the gold content. The ring is currently a size 8.75 and it could easily be resized to suit a new wearer. The ring weighs 7.3 grams.”

This sells for USD$1,440.


Jewel of the day: Baublebar Di Cuff Bracelet

Baublebar has a knack for taking current trends and turning them out in very affordable versions. This bracelet is an hourglass shaped cutout studded with crystals. It’s a fun accent piece for fall and will work well with holiday outfits. It sells for a reasonable USD$44.


Jewel of the day: Cos Chunky Bead Necklace

Cos owes a debt of thanks to Marni for this aptly named chunky bead necklace. Various colourful beads strung on a leather cord provide a nice focal point for their muted, almost monastic clothing palette. They have some interesting accessories that are well made and reasonably priced. While their clothing seems to have an Amazonian fit model the great thing about jewelry is the it generally just fits.

This sells for £35.


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