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Jewel of the day: Kenneth Jay Lane bracelets

These are made of milled rhinestone chain and as a result, are somewhat delicate. But fun to wear, perhaps one on each wrist, with a formal evening outfit or a simple white blouse and skirt. I think older KJL pieces are much better made, honestly, but these are are a nice hit of glitz.



Jewel of the day: deco dress clips

I bought these 18 years apart. I acquired the first one in a small antique shop and the second in an antique market across town all those years later. They are about 99 per cent the same …. very minor differences. I thought the fact that the backs are so different was interesting too. Both made in Germany but no maker’s marks.



Jewel of the day: Opal bead necklaces

Opals fascinate me. I love the play of colour and the violets, blues and greens that flash through the more colourful stones. The shorter strand has faceted rock crystal spacers. I am fairly hard on my jewelry so an opal ring would be a bad idea for me. The old wive’s tale about opals being bad luck is just that. They are a gel matrix, mostly made up of water (so if they dry out they tend to craze and crack slightly), which makes them more fragile than most stones. So they are more prone to breaking because of their innate nature, and not because of any black cloud you may be under!


Jewel of the day: Jarin sterling and cubic deco style bracelet

I will never be able to afford a real diamond deco bracelet but this is a very nice substitute. Made by contemporary designer Jarin, the bracelet is sterling silver, cubic zirconia and enamel and very comfortable to wear. Not that easy to find but worth seeking out.


Jewel of the day: lockets

I adore lockets but I try to find ones that are slightly different and like to wear several at a time on chains of different lengths and types. A few years ago, I missed out on an enamelled locket made to look like a book cover with a tiny magnifying glass on a spring inside when you opened it. That one haunts me. These aren’t quite as elaborate but I like them nonetheless. I was inspired to acquire my first after seeing one of the actresses wear them in Crimes of the Heart. I went into an antique store and the owner told me she only had one and it would be cheaper since it was engraved with an initial. She put it in my hand and when I flipped it over I saw an “E”. Perfect!



Jewel of the day: French sterling deco dress clips

The saturated pink stones in these clips is wonderful and a good paste replica of real rubies. I’m not certain if these would have come on a frame (so they could have been worn together as a pin) but they are quite striking as individual clips. Impressed with the French boar’s head sterling mark.


Jewel of the day: French paste and sterling pendant

I think this piece was made in the late Edwardian, early deco period. It’s large for Edwardian, and not as delicate as a lot of the pieces from that era. The sterling silver mimics the use of platinum, where diamonds were in very fine settings that often made the stones look as though they were suspended. This type of work was typical of the Edwardian period. French hallmarks. In this piece, the centre corona surrounding the faux pearl looks as though it is floating but it is anchored at each point to the surrounding silver.


Jewel of the day: gold link bracelet

This belonged to my late mother-in-law and I think it may have been cut down from a necklace or watch chain, as the spring ring closure is pink gold, and the bracelet links are yellow gold. It’s quite heavy and as a piece that is at least 60 years old, very contemporary looking.



Jewel of the day: Ayala Bar fabric and metal bracelet

This bracelet is just fun and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. Israeli artisan Ayala Bar has wrapped different textured fabrics, primarily velvets and brocades, around metal struts and combined them with glass beads. It’s colourful and casual and very easy to wear.


Jewel of the day: sterling griffin pin

Sadly, this pin has no mark other than “sterling” so we’ll never know who made it. Griffins were often used for watch pins, not as often for pins. It’s probably late 1940s, given the way it’s made. Love the fluidity and sense of movement, and elegant almost rose gold plating over the sterling.


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