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Jewel of the day: N.E. From sterling bracelet

Pieces by Niels Eric From are kind of the poor man’s Danish sterling, or used to be. Prices have slowly been rising. This is a sterling silver bracelet with bezel set cabochon green chalcedony, designed so that the silver is slightly oxidized around the settings. From used this kind of setting quite a bit. Reminds me a bit of the more organic designs of Evald Nielsen, a fellow Dane.  I’ve also seen this design set with cabochon amber. The first time was in an antiques shop in California. Regrefully, the store owner had decided to “polish” the amber with something that clouded and essentially ruined it. I have a pin in the same design also available on my web site, in amber. Couldn’t resist when I finally found one that hadn’t been “polished”!



Jewel of the day: Iradj Moini ruby necklace

This is a statement piece from noted designer Iradj Moini: large faceted rubies with a chrysoprase and citrine set clasp, which detaches, as per the second picture, to become a brooch on its own. Moini is known for his use of semi-precious stones, as well as rhinestone set pieces.

Iradj ruby

Iradj ruby back

Jewel of the day: Coro sterling terrier pin

I have always gotten a kick out of this pin….the intensity of the terrier trying to catch that little song bird. And since adopting a 15 month old Wheaten terrier, it reminds me completely of our dog, whose day is not complete unless he is let loose in our back yard to try to catch the elusive (and taunting) squirrels who are always just slightly out of his reach. Sometimes, I swear it looks as though they are actually laughing at him…

Coro terrier

Jewel of the day: Vivian sterling and opal pin

I don’t know who made this but would love to hear from anyone who thinks they do. I’ve shown the marks on the reverse. This is a finely made sterling silver and opal pin; opals have some nice colour flashes (a bit whited out in the photo, sorry!) and are not doublets or triplets. Design is funky … reminds me a bit of the Memphis pieces available at the same time.

Vivian sterling pin

Vivian sterling pin back

Jewel of the day: Birks sterling and chalcedony necklace

I have mentioned that I like Birks deco sterling pieces. These were often but not exclusively made for them in Germany, in Pforzheim, I would suspect. The marks on pieces I have had frequently say both Birks and Germany so they may have been made specifically for Birks, or exported to Canada and later stamped with the Birks name. I’m not sure.  Honestly? Someone needs to do a book on the history of Birks. So many designs, so rich a background… it would be quite amazing to have access to their sketches and workrooms.

But I digress. This necklace is sterling, set with marcasites and blue chalcedony. It hit at the collar bone and is quite substantial and well made. I love that the clasp is looks exactly like the other balls in the design.

Birks sterling chalcedony necklace

Jewel of the day: deco paste pendant

There are so many things I like about this piece: the use of coral glass in the centre (deco pieces often feature green, less comonly other colours like red and coral), the hidden bail, the eye shape. It packs a big design punch in a small piece and is both elegant and intriguing. Available on my web site,

deco paste pendant

Jewel of the day: Thorin & Co. necklace and earrings

I really wanted to post a picture of a spectacular, Pretty Woman-esque red statement necklace by this designer but red is pretty hard to photograph accurately. So I’m still working on it. In the meantime, here is a fabulous necklace and matching earrings, handcrafted in limited quantities by Thorin + Co. of Swarovski crystal. A great night out look with a retro echo. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this or other Thorin + Co. designs.

Thorin drop set

Jewel of the day: diamond and ebony frog earrings

I stumbled across these one day while looking for estate jewelry eye candy. Though they are not old, they do have a certain antique look to them and are custom made to order. I love how the frogs are twined around the ebony “reeds” and would love to own a pair.

According to the site, these are “1.53cts of full-cut diamonds graded ‘light-brown’ to ‘fancy-yellow’ color and SI clarity range. Two pairs of full-cut, collet-mounted tsavorite garnets cumulatively weighing 0.07cts, graded ‘vibrant grass-green’ color and ‘excellent’ clarity constitute the frogs’ bulging eyes. The naturally inclined ‘back-water weeds’ consist of 14 custom-cut precision-carved and textured ‘dark-brown’ ebony wood cumulatively weighing 5.00cts. The elongated pendents entwining the frogs suspend ‘en tremblant’ from the ear clips, augmenting the glittering effect of pave set diamonds. Featuring posts and deployant clasps, these unique and captivating ‘novelty’ earrings are designed exclusively for pierced ears.” Available at and you can find them here:


Jewel of the day: Sherman topaz collar

Topaz is an underrated colour in costume jewellery and often, spectacular pieces go begging because they are in this shade. I’ve been told it was so popular because it worked well with the honey brown mink coats and stoles that were in style in the 50s and 60s. But of course, it’s an excellent neutral, regardless of your feelings on fur.

This collar is large for the period (likely early 60s but possibly as late as early 70s) and the beads are connected by metal loops, adding to the longevity of the piece. The necklace is unsigned but came with matching signed earrings and construction is typical of Sherman.


Jewel of the day: Sherman “Marie Antoinette” bracelet

I’m not sure how or by whom this style came to be dubbed Marie Antoinette but that’s what my friends and I call it. It’s a particular favourite of mine in terms of Sherman bracelet designs. This red japanned version is rarer than most. It looks wonderful on – substantial yet delicate (and not a little Morticia Adams) at the same time.


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