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Jewel of the day: Gundula Papesch pebble jewelry

Gundula Papesch is an Austrian born artist who produces amazing contemporary jewelry. I am smitten with her pebble pieces, where she crafts sinuous bracelets and necklaces using small pebbles and silver. The workmanship is extraordinary and I am hoping to one day add one of these remarkable pieces to my collection. Pictures below are courtesy of her website,



Jewel of the day: Sherman for sale

I am selling several of the pieces that were photographed for my book “Sherman Jewellery: The Masterpiece Collection”, including the one below. They can be found until Wednesday on Ebay and here is a link for the bracelet (in the listing, click on “see other items”, top right, to see what else is being sold):

The bracelet is, as shown in the book pic, the one of the bottom right. I will be adding more pieces for sale in the coming days so either check back on Ebay or contact me,

Pink bracelet

Pink bracelet book

Jewel of the day: Aguilar for Coro sterling flower pin

Hector Aguilar designed for Coro in Mexico during the Second World War. This is one of Aguilar’s better known designs, done for his own taller, heavily gilded. This looks like it’s in brand new condition – no tarnish or wear at all. The pin has been bent but is still functional. Marked Made in Mexico Coro Sterling on reverse. The Coro pieces are a great way of acquiring an authentic Aguilar design, made by his craftspeople, for a fraction of the price a non-Coro item would cost.

Aguilar flower

Aguilar flower back

Jewel of the day: Austrian plastic flower

This to me is the epitome of cheap and cheerful! Multicolor “petals” make up this very flower power 60s pin, which has a brass back and is stamped Austria.

Austria plastic flower

Jewel of the day: Schreiner pink, blue and pearl set

Exceptional Schreiner pin and earrings set, and a bit different from their usual designs in terms of overall shape and stones used. The pin has blue and clear rhinestones accented by a large centre faux turquoise and faux pearls accompanied by matching clip earrings. It’s also quite large, with the pin measuring 3 x 2-3/4 inches and the earrings approximately 1-1/4 inches.

I love the way Schreiner pieces typically combine unusual stone and colours and work in different shapes. Quality is always the very best and the design and workmanship come together in a fantastic way.

Schreiner pink and blue

Jewel of the day: sterling stork pins

A pair of small (slightly over 1-1/2 inches long by just under 1 inch wide) adorable gilded silver stork pins with top hats and canes, with their eyes and bow ties set with rhinestones. The only marking is Sterling on the reverse so I am thinking these are likely 1940s.  Again, this jaunty pair of pins prove that not everything wonderful needs to have a designer signature…


Jewel of the day: Norseland sterling clip

Danish sterling inspired dress clip by Coro’s Norseland line. Coro copied a lot of better known Georg Jensen pieces directly though this appears to have just been “in the manner of”. Beautiful leaves and possibly abstract berriesl. Fun to wear on a lapel or jean jacket. As I’ve written, I usually wear dress clips in multiples.

Norseland clip

Norseland clip back

Jewel of the day: Schreiner belt

While not strictly speaking a jewel, this is a fantastic and very unique Schreiner belt made entirely of rhinestones. All stones are reverse set, a feature often associated with Schreiner pieces, and set in gunmetal. Another Schreiner feature is the use of open backed stones.  Signed Schreiner New York. This measures 33-1/2 inches from end to end, so you’d have to be somewhat slim to wear it but how perfect over a black sheath dress, a la Mad Men at a Christmas party! In her book “Costume Jewelry Price Guide”, Harrice Simons Miller interviewed Terry Schreiner, who noted that all-jewelled belts were produced in the 1960s and were they to be made today, would cost $2,000-$3,000 because of the cost of the Swarovski stones used.

Schreiner belt

Schreiner belt back

Jewel of the day: George Pierre “GIP” horn pin

Wonderful and rare Art Nouveau horn wings signed on reverse GIP for George Pierre. (See p. 13 in Ginger Moro’s “European Designer Jewelry”.) Signature is carved on reverse, with a brass clasp typical for the period. Pierre designed from approximately 1915 to 1936. This has a brown centre stone – I do not know what material this is made of. Feels very cold to the touch so could be glass; could also be carnelian or chalcedony. Measures 3 inches long by 1/2 an inch wide.

GIP pin

Jewel of the day: Quebec enamel pin

Really striking face, enamel on copper. Wonderful design – reminds me of Modigliani. Blue and gold enamel on copper; reverese signed Teriotis, Que Canada. Likely 1960s. There were a lot of enamellists working in Quebec from the 60s on. Probably DePassille-Sylvestre is the best known and most widely collected.

Quebec enamel pin

Quebec enamel pin back

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