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Jewel of the day: Hermes sterling silver CDC cuff bracelet

The collier de chien, or CDC, bracelet by Hermes is one of the house’s iconic designs. I have always loved the way it looks – chic, edgy, rocker chick. Generally, it is made of leather with the metal studs and closure.

When they came out with an all sterling version last spring, I was in love. Couldn’t wait to see it and try it on. Alas, when the day came, it did not love me back. For one thing, even the leather cuffs just looked bad on me. I have small wrists but it turned my forearm to my hand into one thick line. Not pretty. And the silver one wasn’t any better, and was quite fiddly to get on and off.

It isn’t for me, alas. But I still love the way it looks. On other people.  (I borrowed this pic from one of my favourite blogs,, who took it from


Jewel of the day: Jean Schlumberger sixteen-stone ring

I love Schlumberger’s work – it’s lavish and rich and slightly over the top in the way that some of the best jewellery was in the middle of the last century. It makes me think of Lilly Pulitzer-clad ladies lounging by Florida pools and a woman in a turban and sleek ski pants in Gstaad.

This is perhaps one of the designer’s most famous pieces, an 18k and platinum ring with 16 diamonds interspersed with X’s for love. Sold through Tiffany, this model sells currently for Cdn $7,900. The ring is also available in all platinum, and with blue or pink sapphires. The diamond total carat weight of 1.18 stays the same no matter the ring size. I asked about that; in the smaller rings, the X’s are made fatter; in the larger ones, smaller – but the diamond weight stays the same.

Interestingly, there seem to be only three other designers Tiffany has allowed to sign their work: Paloma Picasso, Frank Gehry, and Elsa Peretti.

Jewel of the day: Deco paste necklace

Even though this necklace has seen better days, I still think it is wonderful. Some of the stones have yellowed but the design still shines. Love the rectangular links of the chain, and the severe lines of the paste.

If I could find stones from the same period to replace the damaged one, at some point I would. But that’s unlikely and for now, it’s lovely just the way it is, age spots and all.

Jewel of the day: Skeleton necklace

I am sure this necklace will give some people the creeps – I love it. It is the skeletal hands of a monkey cast in sterling silver. The site,, has a variety of goth inspired jewelry (the curse of Ezekial pewter bracelet reminds me of the much, much more expensive Delfina Delletrez pieces I also like). Some a whimsical and fun and some are much darker.

I wish the site was a bit better organized (everything is organized by theme intead of purpose) but it’s fun to wander through it and see what’s there. A bit like a Halloween fun house. The necklace is a special order and $245; available at

Jewel of the day: Hector Aguilar for Coro lily of the valley pin

I am a big fan of the Hector Aguilar for Coro sterling jewelry. Many of  his taller’s designs were used, with the Coro Made in Mexico circular stamp instead of the HA mark.

I love this lillies pin. I have not seen in person the same design with an Aguilar mark, but I would find it difficult to believe there are any differences. And the Coro one is available for much less than the Aguilar version. I have also seen these designs gilded (as with the flower I posted about previously).

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