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Jewel of the day: Liv Blavarp necklace

Liv Blavarp is a Norwegian artisan who works in wood. She handcrafts each piece and created necklaces with a sinuous form. If they were displayed as sculpture, they would not be out of place.  She is represented in the United States by Charon Kransen ( She produces fewer than 20 pieces a year and with the amount of work involved in each, it’s easy to see why her output is so limited.


Jewel of the day: blown glass ball necklace

Clear pieces in glass and lucite are a huge trend for spring and this gorgeous hand made necklace epitomizes the light, airy look. I find that museum stores are a real treasure trove of unique and often handcrafted items, as this one is. Even better – it’s a shockingly low US$90.  And – designed in 2000 – the look is classic and will be wearable long after the trends of spring 2010 have faded into obscurity.

Available at the Museum of Modern Art (NY) store,

Jewel of the day: Kenneth Jay Lane feather necklace

I am not a huge fan of Kenneth Jay Lane’s recent production. I do like some of the designs (mostly his older ones that have been reissued) but I find the quality lacking.

Not sure what this is like in person but I spotted it on the Bergdorf Goodman website and it is pretty and un-KJL like. I expected it to be plastic, but it’s a mix of plated metal and wood and reasonably priced at US $295. Funky and a little dark and not the usual KJL bling bling.

Jewel of the day: Pearls Before Swine

I was searching for a wonderful brooch I saw in New York, the head of a pig made completely out of pearls and called (of course!) Pearls Before Swine. I didn’t see it (and can’t recall the artist’s name) but I did find this web site based out of Montreal, and this great brooch. It features an eagle clutching a pearl and will speak to your inner (or outer) Goth. Contact information is on the web site.

Jewel of the day: Martin Margiela cassette necklace

Just came back from New York where there is unbelievable eye candy. I am sure I would be terminally broke if I lived in Manhattan. My good friend Sean at showed me some fantastic places and sent me a link to this clever necklace by Martin Margiela. The silver microcassette charm on a black ribbon mimicking cassette tape (remember that?…) may go over the head of anyone born after 1980 but to the rest of us, it’s quite witty.

Available at for £395.00.

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