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Jewel of the day: Iggy and LouLou porcelain queen of hearts pendant

These artisans work in porcelain and offer a quirky range of handmade pieces, ranging from illustrations of Cavalier King Charles spaniels, dachsunds and Yorkshire terriers, to written sentiment and these playing cards.

Available at Ylang23 for $80.


Jewel of the day: Liza Todd-Tivey horse brooch

Liza Todd-Tivey is a well-respected sculptor renowned for her ability to render horses in a startlingly realistic manner. She has a small number of pieces of jewellery on her site, including this wonderful double horse brooch, called Hearts in Tandem. Using matte faux gold and pearl drops, the finish reminds me of Elizabeth Gage’s work. The piece was done for Avon as part of the Elizabeth Taylor line.

You can find out more about her here.

Jewel of the day: Aqa boulder opal ring

Opals are a misunderstood gem. Thought to be unlucky, probably because they are relatively fragile and can easily break if knocked, they are often avoided. Italy’s Aqa has designed a range of jewellery capitalizing on the boulder opal, with pieces carved whole to show off the flashes of colour. Their rings are particularly unique (and would be unsizeable). This one shows off the flashes of colour in its organic setting. Fascinating. Select designs are available online at LuisaViaRoma.

Jewel of the day: Etro fall winter 2010 bib necklace

Renowned for their fantastic paisley and rich prints, Italian design house Etro is less well known for their jewellery. I was surprised to see such a tailored (though large) piece from them. Despite its scale, it’s restrained and clean and would work well with a number of looks. Shown on the runway of their fall winter 2010 show.

A matching bracelet was also shown:

Jewel of the day: Francesco Scognamiglio necklace

Milanese designer Scognamiglio is relatively new to the scene, but like most Italians, he knows the value of a piece of statement jewellery. This wow necklace, shown at his fall winter 2010 runway show in Milan,┬áis set with rhinestones and while I’m not sure I would have paired it with a delicate ruffled blouse, it certainly makes the outfit pop. And in case this isn’t enough bling for you, there is a matching bracelet.

Jewel of the day: Forever 21 peacock feather necklace

There’s just something glam and summer in St. Tropez, throw on a beach caftan and have a cool drink, about this fun necklace. Yes, peacock feathers are delicate but at USD $5.80, you can afford it. Heck, buy two. Find it online here.

Jewel of the day: Alice + Olivia chain link necklace

I hadn’t realized design house Alice + Olivia had branched out into accesories. And given their penchant for cute little dresses, I was surprised to find that their current range of jewellery is not light and sweet but rather multiple chains and oversized pieces. Like this large bib necklace, a loose type of chain mail. Priced at $198 and available at Neiman Marcus online.

Jewel of the day: Lanvin fall winter 2010 necklace

Remember those ribbon tied, pearl woven and plastic bead necklaces Lanvin pushed into the mainstream? Maybe they got tired of being knocked off by Banana Republic and others, because for fall winter 2010, Alber Elbaz has gone to a dark place. The models looked like the love child of Morticia Addams and Ozzy Osbourne, and the jewellery had a feral (think massive tiger teeth necklaces and metal studs) and brutal quality. Something tells me these will be a lot harder to knock off.

If you crave the look of gothic churches, methinks Lanvin’s fall accessories will be right up your alley (or should that be chancel…)

Jewel of the day: Roberto Cavalli snake bracelet

Maybe it’s because I’m currently immersed in the new Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton biography “Furious Love”, and reading about the making of the movie Cleopatra, but this serpent bracelet caught my eye. (A trivia note: the authors say Taylor agreed to make available private correspondence because someone commented to her, “You were involved with Tim Burton? I had no idea!” That made her want to resurrect Burton’s story for a wider and presumably now ignorant audience. )

Made of brass and studded with Swarovski crystals, this is a bangle but could conceivably be worn further up the arm, ancient Roman style. Scandalous affair and paparazzo not included.

Available at Net-A-Porter for USD $675.

Jewel of the day: Laura Lobdell matchstick pendant

Quirky is a good word for Laura Lobdell’s designs, which include a champagne cork ring rendered in gold and diamonds (the flat part of the cork is the top of the ring, and the wire is the shank), the butt of a cigarette, with enamel “ember” at the end, an all access club bracelet in sterling silver, and this matchstick pendant, which comes in a match box. So if someone is your perfect match, this could be the perfect gift. Sells for $175 and although you can technically order through her website, orders are processed through her NY store. (Oh, and there are – of course – matching earrings if you really love the design…)

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