Jewel of the day: Temple St. Clair for Target select pieces

I was fortunate enough to be in the US the day this collection was made available, and was happy to see that despite huge demand, the pieces I wanted were still in stock. (Though it did take trips to two separate Target stores!)

I was very pleasantly surprised by the overall quality. When I heard that St. Clair would do a costume jewellery capsule collection for Target, I really wondered how she could showcase her very luxe look at mass market prices in a way that would not compromise either her quality or design aesthetic. I think she should be very proud of what was accomplished. The pieces are solidly made and feel sturdy and good in the hand. The stones (which I believe are resin) are open backed in most cases, providing a nice sense of light and translucency. And the finish and details were higher end as well: brushed gold on the backs of earrings and some of the all-gold pieces, small sillicone stoppers on the backs of the shepherd’s crook earrings to prevent them from slipping off, and flannel drawstring bags with her name and logo printed.

There were a lot of ways that Target could have cheaped out on this – but they didn’t. I realize that for a lot of people, the $49.99 price for a necklace will be a deal breaker, and not what they are used to paying at Target. But I do think that for those who love her work (or even just the look) this is a really unbeatable opportunity to have it without the multi-thousand dollar price tag.

Here are photos of what I picked up, including some back views so you can see the workmanship. Some of the collection is still available at, and of course, you can always check Ebay, where no doubt prices will be higher

These stones are more garnet than red; the backs are translucent but the light makes them appear to be solid.

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