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Jewel of the day: JB Star padparadscha ring

Padparadschas are extremely rare orange pink sapphires. This stunning example is 2.84 carats and set between two half moon diamonds and accented with round cuts, with a total diamond weight of 1.32 ct. This is part of JB Star’s rare collectibles offerings and I can see why. Notwithstanding the fact that sapphire is my birthstone, I would love to have this instead of the traditional diamond engagement ring. OK, so I’m not getting engaged.  A girl can dream.

Available here, if you’re dreaming of pink too.


Jewel of the day: Tomoko Igarashi bead scarf necklace

Tomoko Igarashi designed her first necklace at the age of 3. Both of her parents are artisans, and her husband is a metalsmith, so she has been surrounded by design influences her entire life.  She describes these one of a kind scarf necklaces as being as adjustable and adaptable as a scarf. They are for sale in her Etsy shop, but she is currently out of stock. See more here.

Jewel of the day: Owen & Savary leather cuffs

I spied these in the editor’s letter of this month’s Marie Claire magazine. Love. The cuffs come in a variety of widths, colours, leathers and skins and accordingly, different price points. This python Salome cuff is 581,00 € and each piece is individually hand made. So plan on a wait time of about 5 weeks, plus shipping time. So you may yet have time to put one of these babies on your wrist for New Year’s Eve if you act quickly. A great unisex look.

See more of their bracelets here.

Jewel of the day: nOir jewelry Flat Head Beaded Domes necklace

nOir has so many unusual, quirky and plain gorgeous pieces it was hard to pick just one, and I am sure I will go back to select other items to showcase. I liked this necklace, which comes in multicoloured and black beads as well, because it’s extremely wearable while also being strong in terms of design and colour. On sale currently for USD $213.75 from $285, it is available for purchase here.

Jewel of the day: Melinda Maria python necklace

Melinda Maria designs are popular with young Hollywood celebs; the site features a lot of pretty and affordable things for your own red carpet events.There’s something retro cool yet still fun and fresh about this entwined python necklace. Gold plated and set with cubic zirconia, it measures 2 x 1 inch and comes on a 16 inch chain. Selling for USD $245 (with other currency conversion available on the site), you can purchase it here.

Jewel of the day: Robindira Unsworth Mosaic earrings

These jewelled earrings look much richer than their USD $288 price tag. Made of gold plated silver and set with faceted and cabochon cut green quartz, they are elegant and striking. Designed by a husband and wife team based in Petaluma, California, they offer a range of accessories for the home, cashmere and leather goods, in addition to their jewelry.

Available for purchase here.

Jewel of the day: Club Monaco long fringe bib necklace

I tried this on and although I could not think of anything in my closet it would work with, if I had a simple black dress with a high (or very plunging) neckline, this would be spectacular. The fine chains fall almost to the waist and the piece feels heavy and well made. Reminds me of work by Ann Demeulemeester, at a fraction of the price. I think it was about CDN$139 – but don’t hold me to that. It could have been $189; I was looking through a lot of things and the Club Monaco web site is very light on information. There was a pretty thin studded leather bracelet by Linea Pelle for Club Monaco for an agreeable $25 but as I only found it with gold studs and wanted silver, I passed.

You can see other accessories for fall winter here.

Jewel of the day: Stephen Estelle labradorite Waimea ring

Labradorite and opal are the kinds of stones that I find fascinating. The play of light and colour, the difference to the intensity of the stone that the cut makes, and the fact that you can obtain larger pieces for generally less than the cost of other stones.

This faceted labradorite and gold plated sterling ring by designer Stephen Estelle is a 25 carat statement piece that can be worn as easily and chicly during the day as for evening. Estelle works with a guild of Nepalese goldsmiths, and his designs are elegant, different and very affordable. This Waimea ring sells for USD $199 on his site and can be ordered here.

Jewel of the day: Kara Ross jet and diamond cuff

Jet was very popular in Victorian times, and is basically fossilized bog oak that was carved and polished. The black material became widely used during Queen Victoria’s many years of deep mourning. It was also copied, using polished, faceted opaque black glass, which was often referred to as French jet.

Kara Ross’s web site gives little information about this piece, and so I don’t know if this is real jet, or another substance made to look like jet. No prices on her web site but she is sold at the stores listed here.

Jewel of the day: Alexa Garner Sidaris emerald and tourmaline ring

This is described as a “mud” emerald ring … not sure if that is referring to the clarity of the stone, its colour or, well, just not sure. I really like the multi-tourmaline band.

This is a one of a kind ring, available in size 7 and my guess from the photo is that it is not sizeable, given the eternity setting. Available from Covet NYC for USD $3165; you can purchase it here.

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