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Seeing beauty

As the days of this year wind down to this one, these last few hours and minutes (and for some, already celebrating the arrival of 2011) it’s worth taking a moment to stop. And breathe. And see.

If you don’t already know about The Washington Post’s experiment in how (or even if) people see beauty, this is a great read, one which I stumbled on at a sweet blog called Annekata. Even if you heard about this when it happened in 2007, it’s worth remembering to stop and, in this case, hear the music. And appreciate the beauty in every day life.

A happy, healthy, and wondrous 2011 to all.


Jewel of the day: Jeanine Payer Mano necklace

In Catholic iconography, the body parts of saints can have special significance. Relics are a key part of worship for some, and are generally preserved in jewelled reliquaries.

Jeanine Payer has been inspired by the saints’ hands frequently depicted in art and her Mano piece is a really beautifully rendered small hand in sterling silverwith an inscription from St. Therese on the tiny moveable gold bangle, “I choose all”. Available for USD $320.

Jewel of the day: Artifacts by Casey plug and socket rings

Is your relationship missing that initial spark, that exciting new energy so electric in the early days? These two rings by Artifacts by Casey may remind you (though you may need to do your own court and spark activities). Available separately, the sterling silver (and bronze, for the plug version) rings are a witty take on electrical impulses as jewelry. Available for USD $170 for the socket ring and USD $200 for the plug. Other witty and sometimes quite literal designs are available at www.

Jewel of the day: The Armor Ume body chain

Around awards season, it becomes apparent that actresses often prefer to go without any jewelry at all. Maybe their stylists give it a thumbs down, or they’re uncomfortable wearing it. Or don’t know how to accessorize. So we end up seeing swaths of bare necks and arms.

What I love about this piece is that it takes this bit of body real estate and embellishes it – particularly interesting with the popularity of so many strapless dresses.

Made of gunmetal coloured pewter chain, you can buy this for USD $299 here. The designer has many other inventive chain pieces, for the adventurously minded among you.

Jewel of the day: Swarovski Ginseng spring/summer 2011 crystal cuff bracelet

Swarovski did this elegant design earlier this year in a pale blue shade; it is still available for purchase for USD $425 here. It sells for Cdn $500.  Given the snow falling across much of the world, I thought it would be nice to take a quick peek into spring. The company is continuing with this design in a different colour way for it’s Wings of Poetry themed spring summer 2011 collection, highlighting the butterfly. (I’ll have other items from the collection coming to you in the coming weeks.)

This version is made with pale aqua resin accented with pastel multicolour rhinestones as seen here. Its projected cost is Cdn $500, so I am assuming the US cost will be the same as for the blue version. 

Jewel of the day: Kate Middleton’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring

The oval sapphire surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds that Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana Spencer upon their engagement is of course famous and historically significant. Interestingly, it was not custom designed; Diana picked it from a selection presented to her. One rumour says she chose it because it was the largest.

I have to say I cringed when I heard that Prince William used it to propose to Kate Middleton. As gorgeous as the ring is, it also seems to me to carry the weight of bad history, given his parents’ turbulent marriage and the subsequent tragic events that followed. I can see that he would have wanted his mother to be part of his big day, even if only in spirit, but perhaps using the stone as a pendant, and giving Middleton her own ring to cherish, might have been a smarter idea.

As for the ring, there were a rash of copies made immediately after the Charles/Diana engagement, and this time around, it’s no different. The original ring was sold by British jeweller Garrard and sold at the time for the equivalent of about USD $65,000, and was an 18 karat oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds.  Although diamonds are a relatively recent trend in engagement rings, they only became popular around the turn of the 20th century. Up until then, various different style rings were used and coloured stones were often set into them.

If you love the look of Diana’s ring, its reemergence on Kate’s finger means that should you like this style, there are a lot of options. Want to opt for the design but not the price tag? Emitations has one in rhodium plated sterling, with a slightly different mount, glass centre stone and cubic zirconia accents for USD $63.00

Blue Nile offers this sapphire and diamond version, with a diamond halo pave setting, for Cdn $6,120.

Jewel of the day: Made Her Think mesh gauntlet ring

I’m assuming this ring uncoils and wraps around the ringer, and as the site says, leaves room for the finger joint to bend. It’s made of rose gold plated sterling silver, and is a one-size affair, fitting a size 6-6-1/2 finger, and covering most of it.

Available here for USD $552.

Jewel of the day: Elisabeth Bell bobcat pendant

Former model Elisabeth Bell honed her passion for jewellery whiling away the time at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. In keeping with Native American tradition, she believes that varous animals are spirits or guides, and has created a line of jewelry that shows the claw or talon of various species, with each showcasing various qualities.

The bobcat pendant shown here is also available in pave and gold; this one sells for USD $875 for 14k gold with one diamond and with chain. Bell notes that the animal’s qualities are patience, awareness, strategic, passionate, playful.

Jewel of the day: Bing Bang NYC howling wolf earrings

Last minute shopping got you feeling like baying at the moon, but you’re afraid that will get you tossed out of the finer establishments? Have no fear. Your earrings can speak for you with these howling wolf sterling silver stud earrings.  Available from designer Anna Sheffield’s Bing Bang NYC line for USD $30. Well, you may not have them in time for Christmas, but I can see them coming in handy, symbolically, for those situations when you need to let loose with your inner wolf child. Ready, set …. howl!

Jewel of the day: Victor Velyan Cara cuff bracelet

Designer Victor Velyan refers to his designs as Goth meets the Renaissance, but to me it shows more of the hand of a craftsperson in the rougher hewn shape and setting of the stones.

This cuff is made of brown silver accented with 24k yellow gold and set with 1.27 carats of rose cut diamonds. It is available here for USD $10,600.

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