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Jewel of the day: Tous Valentine’s Day bracelet

In business since 1920, Tous has expanded from its initial jewellery only focus to a wide array of accessories. With stores world-wide, they’ve also increased their global presence. Tous uses a small teddy bear as its symbol, so don’t be surprised to see the bears all over their web site. They’ve created a Valentine’s Day collection with pendants, rings, and bracelets, and the hearts on each piece are engraved with the motto, “Eternity, Amor, Kiss, Love You,” with a tiny diamond set bear dangling from each piece.

This bracelet is 18k yellow gold and leather with .45 ctw diamonds.


Jewel of the day: Lepoo recycled pool ball ring

Etsy designer Lepoo is taking old pool balls and turning them into clever pieces of jewellery – rings,  and pendants. There was also a very clever ring made of an old die.  Rings are available for USD $50 and a nice, genderless item. Also a great non-traditional Valentine’s Day gift (but as items are custom made, if that’s why you want it, order now!)

Jewel of the day: Vivienne Westwood Sorrow Flowers bracelet

Vivienne Westwood plays off the Victorian fondness for momento mori pieces, using embroidered fabric talismans that evoke the period’s fondness for mourning jewellery and symbolism. The piece uses silk taffeta and what the site rather confusingly describes as “oxidised silver finished imitation rhodium”. Having never heard of imitation rhodium, I’m rather perplexed. My guess is that someone meant to say silver plate…

Available here for £126.00.

Jewel of the day: Kim Kardashian Belle Noel Glam Rock ring

Yes, it’s true – the Kardashian sisters really are everywhere. On magazine covers, TV screens, online, and most visible Kardashian sib Kim recently unveiled a line of costume jewelry called Belle Noel. This extended ring is made of base metal and rhinestone and will give you the ghetto fabulous look you’ve been craving, probably without even realizing it! Basketball boyfriend accessory sold separately.

Available for USD $75 in gold or silver tone metal.

Jewel of the day: Grey Gardens Collection bow brooch

If you’ve seen either the original Maysles brothers’ film “Grey Gardens” or the remake with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, you are familiar with the story of the Beales, mother and daughter, fighting and struggling to cope in their decrepit Long Island mansion. The story is tragic and yet the two women, both named Edie, managed to exude a certain crazy chic and style that has inspired designers and style fans since the original documentary made its debut in 1975. A member of the Beale family owns this web site, which pays tribute to the ladies’ quirky style, in particular Little Edie, the very eccentic former debutante and “It” girl of her time whose look often consisted of skirts worn around her head and a mishmash of old pieces put together in her inimitable way. Of course, this is now seen as vintage and if you like the look, you can acquire several things inspired by her.

This bow brooch looks like one made by Boucher in the late 40s/early 50s. The red, white and blue pot metal pin is accented with rhinestones and a faux pearl. Available for USD $45.

Jewel of the day: Lucy Hutchings Picasso cuff

This piece looks more Cubist than Deco to me, but designer Lucy Hutchings says its inspiration springs from the 1920s and the Art Deco movement (which came somewhat later, actually). Made with rhinestones and peacock feathers set in base metal on a leather strap, this retails for £324. Regardless of its confused design influences, it fits right into spring fashion’s disco resurgence.

Jewel of the day: Caroline Baggi tube bracelets

Every once in a while, fashion mines the fluorescent trend and given the fondness for the 80s, it’s no surprise to see bright green, pink and yellow making a reappearance.

These fun take on the classic bangle bracelet (a staid preppy staple) incorporate fun pops of colour and would look great stacked. See more of the designer’s collection here.

Jewel of the day: Deanna Hamro rhinestone pendant

There is a definite club vibe, circa 1982, in the air for spring 2011. Plus ca change, etc.

This horn shaped pendant by British designer Deanna Hamro features oxidized sterling silver set with Swarovski crystals, hanging from a 28″ chain. Though I confess to a weakness for disco music, please, no more white suits or broad expanses of male chest hair.

Available at Fragments for USD $1,290.

Jewel of the day: David Webb rock crystal cuff

David Webb was the go to society jeweller for upper crust Americans for years. His pieces incorporating themes from nature, particularly animals, make his work instantly identifiable. The firm saw two owners since the designer’s 1975 death and the current management is releasing designs from sketches that were never executed before he died.

This is a stunning cuff rendered in platinum, rock crystal, diamonds, rubies and enamel. Based on other pieces, my guess is that it is priced in the region of USD $90,000. There are two Webb stores, in Manhattan and Los Angeles, and you can browse other designs here.

Jewel of the day: Tuleste Market tufted diamond bracelet

Diamond as in shape, not as in expensive glittery carbon. The work of sisters Satu and Celeste Greenberg, the avid vintage collectors moved east to NY from California and launched their own line based on their extensive personal collection.

Available for USD $70, this is an inexpensive way to introduce a shot of bright colour into your winter wardrobe.

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