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Academy Award jewellery; the best of the rest

After last night’s snoozefest (both in terms of show production and fashion and accessorizing) I came to the conclusion that celebs are more afraid of being on a worst dressed list than they are willing to take chances and go for a look that’s memorable for all the right reasons. In other words, too many stylists spoil the broth. Or, in the case of co-host Anne Hathaway, stylist Rachel Zoe worked exclusively with Tiffany jewels, many from the company’s archives. Did you really notice any of them? I know I didn’t.

Helen Mirren usually is the one celeb I feel I can count on to show up at events looking polished and perfectly turned out but she also literally missed the mark with a Cartier pendant necklace whose end point fell too low on her dress.

Getty Images

 Loved the Tiffany ruby tassel earrings worn by Natalie Portman; I just wish she had worn a delicate pendant necklace or bold ruby cuffs to match.

Getty Images

And Nicole Kidman DID wear a necklace, over 150 carats of vintage diamonds from Fred Leighton. Now, if only someone could have coordinated all those earrings, necklaces and the profusion of diamond bracelets that seemed like an afterthought (There! I’m accessorized!) we might have had a look going on.

Getty Images


Jewel of the day: Van Cleef & Arpels Set in Style

Well, this is a bit of cheat, since my jewel today is an exhibit at New York’s Cooper Hewitt Museum, showcasing some amazing creations made over the life of the house of Van Cleef & Arpels. More than 350 pieces, some rarely or never exhibited, will be on view. In the meantime, you can sate your appetite for beautiful jewels on the museum’s microsite devoted to the exhibit. There are some stunning pieces as well as fascinating interviews. The exhibit runs from February 18  through June 2011.

Academy Awards – hire me, please

Yes, this is an open plea to the stylish of Los Angeles. Please hire me (or someone who knows how to work jewellery into an outfit) to put some glitter into your glam events.

I just spent the past half hour looking at photos of Oscar red carpet arrivals. Correction: enlarging photos, because you had to make them huge to see most any kind of jewellery being worn. Mostly, there wasn’t much. And when there was, well, is it wrong of me to bitch that if someone actually made the effort to wear a dazzling emerald (or is that jade?) and diamond necklace they paired it with the wrong neckline? Yes, Amy Adams, I’m looking at you. Stunning necklace and bracelet, love the contrast of the green against the blue sequins. But for the love of all that’s accessory worthy, a neckline that high doesn’t need a necklace like that.

I think it’s wrong that Maria Menounos and Cheryl Hines had (so far) the most eye catching accessories. And I did love Amy Adams’s pieces. Just not with that dress.


Sandra Bullock looks spectacular no matter what. But can you reimagine this outfit with a ruby and diamond collar, a diamond sautoir, or killer emerald earrings like the ones Angelina Jolie wore to such great effect?

Jewel of the day: Pippa Small double green tourmaline ring

This week, I have been enchanted by the work of British designers. I’ve seen a lot of raw, elemental pieces that really focus on the materials.

This double ring has two large pieces of green tourmaline bezel set in 18k gold. Love how the gold and stones complement each other perfectly. Available for £3000 from the designer.

Jewel of the day: Shaun Leane black diamond band

Shaun Leane was voted the UK’s 2010 designer of the year; he got his start collaborating with the late Alexander McQueen. His pieces are sinuous and draw on the darker side of nature; thorns, entwined brances, black diamonds. There are also luscious sterling silver designs set with pearls that give them a very contemporary edge.

This band is listed as a men’s ring on his site and I think it would make the perfect wedding band for either a man or a woman. Crafted of 18k white gold set with black diamonds, it is also available with white stones. Sells for £2,100.00

Jewel of the day: Marco Bicego mixed stone ring

This melange of happy colours just makes me smile. Italian designer Marco Bicego uses reverse set topaz, amethyst, lemon citrine, garnet and citrine in a bezeled 18k setting for a ring that is just a fun piece to wear. Part of his Jaipur collection, it really is a pretty interpretation of the vibrancy of traditional Indian jewellery and colours. Retailing for USD $1455 at Neiman Marcus.

Jewel of the day: All Saints Spitalfields Cabouchon drop earrings

If you lust after jewellery by Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, Lanvin or Rick Owens, you will spot their influences all over the collection by All Saints Spitalfields.  Their prices are certainly lower. They say these are Indian inspired but you be the judge. On sale from USD $60 to USD $18 and available on their website.

Jewel of the day: Bottega Veneta zircon sterling necklace

This necklace taunts and haunts me. Even though I found a vintage sterling set (yes, a set – bracelet, earrings and necklace) for the fabulous price of $160 that is nearly identical, I am still lusting after Bottega Veneta’s interpretation of this piece, with oxidized silver and zircons. If only it didn’t cost USD $1960. I just really can’t get over that price, lovely as zircons are. Oh well. At least I can visit it on the BV website.  Here’s the Bottega necklace:

And for comparison purposes, here’s my vintage crystal and sterling set (the earrings have wandered somewhere but they are drops). Interesting how vintage continues to inspire contemporary designers.

Jewel of the day: Lisa Freede gold thread cuff bracelet

This is a great statement piece that could easily work night or day. And if you need a celeb endorsement, it was worn by Katy Perry in her “Waking up in Las Vegas” video. Clearly Katy has good taste in jewellery. Now, if only she could do something about Russell Brand.

Available  from designer Lisa Freede for USD $70.

Jewel of the day: Wilfredo Rosado clasped hands bracelet

Showing for fall 2011, Rosado used a lot of plumage and feather references in his designs. I love the overall look of this piece, how the hands are finely wrought and convey a sense of strength and quiet elegance at the same time. Based out of Los Angeles, you can contact him at his site,

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