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Jewel of the day: Kate and Pippa Middleton’s diamond wedding earrings

I wasn’t sure how to title this … the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding earrings? Catherine Middleton? Her Royal Highness was wearing a pair of drop diamond earrings given to her by her parents and using the acorn and oak leaf motif in the family’s new coat of arms. They were custom made by London boutique jeweller Robinson Pelham with a scroll motif echoing the design of the tiara loaned by the Queen. (Personally, I quite fancy the bowl shaped ring set with diamonds on the splash page I encountered.) Her sister and maid of honour Pippa also was gifted with a pair of diamond earrings by her parents (shown at right).

Photo Robinson Pelham


Jewel of the day: The Spencer Tiara

Today is the day Prince William of Wales marries Kate Middleton and there has been a lot of speculation as to whether she will wear a tiara and, if so, which one. As a commoner, she isn’t (yet) really entitled to wear one and her family doesn’t own any. My preference would be to see her copying Victorian tradition and wearing a circlet of flowers. But my guess is that she will wear the Spencer Tiara also worn by William’s late mother, Diana.

It was originally made in 1875 but most of what is there now was added on in subsequent years up to the 1930s. And if you need a replica of your own, don’t fret. They’re available. As is the entire collection of royal jewellery (though this site claims the Spencer Tiara as belonging to the Queen, which of course, it doesn’t).

Best wishes to the newlyweds and here’s hoping Diana’s jewellery finds a happier home with the new princess.

Update: Well, I was wrong. She did wear a tiara, loaned to her by the Queen. It was made in 1936 by Cartier and given to the present queen by her mother as an 18th birthday gift.

Jewel of the Day: Buccellati black and white pearl and diamond earrings

I normally prefer round to baroque pearls but in these spectacular drop earrings, the curve of the pearls mimics the flow of the setting to wonderful effect. Maybe it’s because I just (finally) saw the movie Black Swan, but wouldn’t these express the dual nature of the swan so perfectly?

The venerable Italian jewellery house Buccellati considers this part of their “High Jewellery” collection; there are no prices mentioned on the web site but if you have occasion to wear a pair of earrings like these, price is immaterial.

Jewel of the day: Single Stone antique cushion cut diamond ring


Single Stone offers an array of antique and antique-style jewellery. This diamond ring is dated to 1812 and likely was not an engagment ring (diamonds for engagement rings did not really come into favour until nearly a century later). I love the irregularity of the centre stone and the diamond halo surrounding it, as though the goldsmith really let the stone itself dictate the mount, and not the other way around. The imprecision is really lovely.

Jewel of the day: Gump’s Lavender and Jade Scroll pendant

Gump’s is one of my favourite stops in San Francisco. I love the Asian influence and the feeling that it’s a treasure house with things brought from far away for you to peruse.

This lavender and green jade pendant is made for Gump’s private label jewellery, though they have a carefully edited selection of really wondrful and unique items. There is a lot of emphasis on nature and flowers in the designs, which are often simple and striking. This pendant sells for USD $2,700 with an 18k bail.

Jewel of the day: Thistle and Bee Pleated Pinwheel necklace

An interesting clasp can always give a classic look a fresh update. This amethyst set pleated sterling clasp by Thistle and Bee on a double strand of freshwater pearls is also available with turquoise stones. It’s 18 inches long and sells for USD $1000. The collection features the same pinwheel element in other forms if you aren’t a pearl girl.

Jewel of the Day: Hoorsenbuhs Dame Phantom ring

Spotted on celebs like the Olsens, this 18k gold and diamond ring takes a relatively traditional horsey design and sparks it with bling. Bold and unisex, it is available at Barneys for USD $5,000. I could see this as a really nice wedding set – it also comes in sterling silver with gold beads for $1500 and in a slightly modified design (the Dame Phantom II) with fewer diamonds. Get it now before the price of gold goes up AGAIN.

Jewel of the day: Leetal Kalmanson cuff bracelet

Israeli designer Leetal Kalmanson works under the name LK Jewelry. This piece, very disco glam, is base metal and Swarovski rhinestones and sells for USD $410. Kalmanson has a nice website, but it’s light on actual product information. It will give you a nice idea of her range, and she does list online retailers. This piece can be found on Via Moda.

Jewel of the day: Miriam Haskell pearl and chain necklace

Miriam Haskell is one of the legendary names in American costume jewellery. The company has always been known for its high quality components and when the brand reemerged with new owners and designers a few years ago, the brand heritage remained strong.

This necklace plays on Haskell’s renowned use of pearls and mixes in some Swarovski crystal, contemporary chains and knot detailing. On sale for half price at USD $400 on the Haskell web site.

Jewel of the day: Lana Jewelry small upside down hoop earrings

The unique design of these earrings means you won’t have to fuss with earring backs or worry about a too tight pierced earring fit. The wires cross at the bottom, ensuring that they don’t fall out of your ear. These are made in white gold (karat unavailable) with a tiny diamond accent and sell for USD $330. Lots of look for a relatively reasonable price, considering the cost of gold these days.

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