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Jewel of the day: Hermes Debridee silver cuff bracelet

I really love this bracelet but have an impossible time with the USD $3425 price tag. Yes, I know that silver has gone up as well as gold (though not as much) but still… So I will continue to admire the Debridee design from afar. Available at Hermes online and in stores.


Jewel of the day: Michael Kors double wrap bracelet

In pursuing a look of classic elegance, Michael Kors seems to have utilized a lot of designs made famous by other houses. Both this and his jewelled cuff look very similar to Hermes bracelet designs. Now, a double wrap bracelet isn’t a terribly unique idea, but the Hermes Double Tour is a pretty well known design. Here, Kors executes it in textured and smooth metal for USD $195.

Jewel of the day: Bottega Veneta Scarabee pyrite bead necklace

Comprised of six strands of pyrite cut and finished in what Bottega Veneta calls a scarabee finish (part of their “scarab” themed collection, which featured shimmery green, gold and purple finishes), this is a stunning piece but hair raisingly expensive for what it is, at USD $8300. BV recently changed their policy on jewellery, hiking prices and deciding not to put any of their collections on sale. Some pieces do ultimately make it to their outlets after a few seasons have passed, but as their jewellery is closely tied to Tomas Maier’s designs it will be interesting to see how long these somewhat perishable designs (in terms of fashion immediacy) can stay full-priced. Available online and at Bottega Veneta stores.

Jewel of the day: Proenza Schouler Double Rope Stone Necklace

Act quickly, as this is now on sale at Barneys. Originally USD $650 it is now deep discounted at $259. Made of rope with agate and stone pendants there’s still a lot of summer left to get wear out of a piece like this.


Jewel of the day: YSL Arty necklace

Yves Saint Laurent had a hit with their Arty ring; they’ve now debuted a necklace by the same name. Made with agate slices on a woven cotton cord, it sells for USD$895. It comes in blue/grey and black/beige stones.

Jewel of the day: Noor Fares Touche de Bois cuff bracelet

Lebanese designer Noor Fares has a wide range of influences and styles, from her Masterpiece collection, with replicas of Renaissance artwork surrounded by precious stones, to more contemporary looking pieces like those in the Touche de Bois collection. Here, a cuff bracelet in jet and 18k rose gold, with 24k  gold plate. See the designer’s web site for stockists.

Jewel of the day: ZM925 giraffe skull pendant

Australian designer Zoe Sernack has a fascination (it seems) with things dark and morbid, that are then turned into curiously beautiful objets. Case in point: this giraffe skull carved from horn with gold tips. Part of her Deadly Creatures design range, it sells for AUD$137 and is available for purchase here.

Jewel of the day: Lara Bohinc Lunar Eclipse necklace

Available in rose or yellow gold or platinum plate over brass, this design echoes old Celtic pieces with its simple but evocative knots. Made of layers of snake chain,  it’s priced at £610 from UK based designer Lara Bohinc, as part of her Classics range.

Jewel of the day: Sevan Virgin Mary ring

The way designer Sevan Bicakci incorporates images into his stones is really fascinating. This 24k ring has the Virgin Mary inside an amethyst. As described on the British web site Browns, “24K yellow gold ring with amethyst, white and green diamonds and a carved intaglio of The Virgin Mary. The carved intaglio of The Virgin Mary sits encased in the amethyst which sits at the top of the ring. Small droplet shaped pieces of green diamonds are placed around the top and sides of the ring. The sides of the ring are encrusted with small white and green diamonds. The top of the ring underneath the amethyst is also encrusted with small green diamonds.”

Available for £16,850.

Jewel of the day: Miansai screw bracelet

Smitten with the Cartier Love bracelet but it’s out of your price range? Miansai offers this sterling silver screw bracelet – same concept, different design. And much lower price point. Available for USD$355 from the designer.

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