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Jewel of the day: Yael Sonia reverse fit quartz earrings

Brazillian designer Yael Sonia offers an almost structural approach to her designs, with her Perpetual Motion collection encasing pearls and round stones in gold and silver cages that are very architectural in inspiration. A lot of people use the word architectural to describe their designs but these really do look like building exoskeletons.

Here her reverse fit quartz earrings are worn by actress Scarlett Johansson at a recent event.


Jewel of the day: Sam Patania sea life coral cuff bracelet

Although I admire the workmanship of Southwestern and tribal style jewellery, I personally find it difficult to incorporate into my wardrobe. What I love about this piece by famed silversmith Sam Patania is that although it definitely speaks to the Southwestern aesthetic, it is clean and modern and would work beautifully with a range of styles.

Made of natural coral bezel set into sterling silver and available for USD $3100.

Jewel of the day: Bettony Vernon pearl massage ring

Bettony Vernon’s jewellery is all designed to have a dual purpose – as adornment, and as a sexual enhancement.

This ring is meant to be turned into the palm when used for (as she puts it) intimate massage. I’m not sure I’d want to use lubricant all over pearls (as she recommends) but if you don’t feel like testing their resiliance, this ring is also made in sterling silver and gold.  There are several other very intriguing pieces on her site.

Jewel of the day: Annina Vogel diamond fox ring

Annina Vogel works with Victorian charms, or replicas cast from period charms, to fashion new pieces with a vintage twist. This gold ring features a rose cut diamond fox’s face and is £1,250.00.

Jewel of the day: Marie-Helene de Taillac tourmaline earrings

I could see wearing a pair of earrings like this as a signature piece instead of the classic (and kind of boring) diamond studs. Why not? I’ve decided not to save better pieces for going out only; they will hardly ever get worn. Something like this adds instant appeal to an outfit, whether formal or casual. Made of 36.66 carats of tourmaline set in buttery warm 20k gold, these appear to be an inch and a half or two inches long. Available from Net-A-Porter for USD$11,100.

Jewel of the day: St. Kilda enamelled scorpion ring

Designer Nora Kogan took the name of her line, St. Kilda, from the Australian neighbourhood in which her parents settled, after they left, Odessa, Ukraine. She now lives in New York. This sterling silver ring, enamelled in acid green and accented with a yellow diamond, is part of her enamel range. She also does lovely wedding/diamond pieces.

Bottega Veneta used scarabs and scorpions as their theme last fall, and their jewellery (mostly sterling silver and enamel, too) was in the thousands. This is USD $895.  There is a gold and diamond version on the splash page for the web site, but I was unable to locate it on the site. It was stunning.

Jewel of the day: Lulu Frost for J. Crew deco bangle bracelet

Jewellery designer Lulu Frost has collaborated with J. Crew before; this is one of a series of deco style resin cuffs in bright colours and fun crystal accents. These would look great stacked (and come in different widths, for eye appeal). This one is USD $68.

Jewel of the day: Mr. Dannijo Salvador necklace

I really am looking for items other than necklaces this week, but they seem to keep calling me. This piece, by label Dannijo, from their Mr. Dannijo line, is a witty take on the immediately recognizable moustache of Surrealist Salvador Dali. Referring to their new line as a man repeller, wear at your own risk. Available from the designer for USD $98.

Jewel of the day: Marc Jacobs ‘Le Mouse’ Mousetrap bracelet

This one made me do a double take. When I saw the thumbnail, it looked like cute little mice. Made larger, I’m thinking rats more than mice. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting way to take the traditional and could be staid chain link bracelet and make it into something you look at twice. Available from Nordstrom online for USD $98

Jewel of the day: St. John Satin Ribbon Crystal necklace

I did not know that famed clothing company St. John also made jewellery. I did know that Kate Winslet took over from Angelina Jolie as the face of the brand. Two women so totally different in styles and looks… the rumour was that Jolie turned off a lot of the brand’s more conservative customers. But Winslet seems to fit right into the look. Here she is modelling a very wearable multistrand crystal choker, which surprised me with its price – only USD $295. I say “only” because St. John’s knits and clothing are not inexpensive, and when Swarovski is asking +$500 for a beaded choker these days, anything less comes as a pleasant surprise. Available on the St. John site and, I’m guessing, at stores that carry the complete range of the company’s products, as well as its own shops.

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