Jewel of the day: Banana Republic Sparkle Chandelier necklace

I was rather floored when I spotted this at Banana Republic while browsing their Mad Men capsule collection, (and I’ll have a piece of jewellery from that grouping tomorrow) because it’s a dead ringer for an ornate vintage Sherman piece. The Sherman crytal and chain pieces are rare and have typically sold for big bucks on Ebay because they so rarely come up. Well, if you’ve been lusting for one of these but didn’t want to fork out hundreds of dollars, this is your lucky day. This nearly identical piece is a paltry USD $69.50. Sherman used Swarovski crystal and I suspect these are just glass. The Sherman version also used chain, and these beads are held together with individual metal spacers but the look is the same and the metal means the beads won’t chew through and break apart (though it remains to be seen how durable they are).

As much as I like to see vintage carried through into contemporary pieces, I’m also sad, because these kind of cut rate prices really kill the demand and the market for actual vintage.

The Banana Republic version is available here and in stores, and looks like this:

And the Sherman version – the original inspiration:

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