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Jewel of the day: Swarovski Primetime necklace

Tis definitely the season for bling (not that that usually prevents me from breaking it out year round), and this Art Deco inspired Swarovski crystal necklace is an epic way to bring the bling to your next holiday event. Set solely with baguette stones in different sizes, it retails for Cdn $500 and is available for purchase online. A matching bracelet, with staggered baguettes, is available for Cdn $330 here.


Jewel of the day: Eric Saeter Fjelltoppene ring

This is a great way to get the look of a ring worn on three fingers, when it is actually only worn on one. Love that it is also a unisex look. Available in sterling silver for USD $415 and in 22k silver vermeil for USD $515. It also goes from size 5 to 10.5 or a larger custom size.

Saeter describes his work this way: “Jewelry by eric saeter was conceived in 2008 to satiate the tastes of the designer himself as well as the demands of a market which lacked wild, surreal structures from formal, gorgeous materials for the hand or neck.”

Find out more here; pieces may be purchased at his on-line shop as well as at other stockists..

Jewel of the day: Bao Bao Wan south sea pearl earrings

Chinese jeweller Bao Bao Wan does very ornate haute jewellery looks.

This pair of golden South Sea earrings adds a touch of whimsy with white and coloured diamonds set in yellow gold, and what appears to be an omega back (post with a clip, to keep a heavier earring more secure). See more of her collection here.

Jewel of the day: Frank Gehry Leaves earrings

I went to the Tiffany site looking for a pair of diamond drop earrings but decided to write about these instead. Made of diamonds, white and black gold, they are the perfect balance between formal and Bohemian. Alas, the USD $17,750 price puts them squarely in the “oh so formal they are out of reach for most people” category. I could see wearing these as a daily alternative to diamond studs, and making them a signature piece. Lovely.

Jewel of the day: Verdura Caged Bubbles ring

Verdura’s designs have stood the test of time and been worn by countless chic women for decades. His iconic Maltese cross cuff bracelets, key pieces for Coco Chanel,  have been knocked off by Kenneth Jay Lane (among others) and remain a signature design for the house. He later became a favourite of Hollywood luminaries and editorial stars like Diana Vreeland.

This Caged Bubbles ring is made of 18k gold enclosing rock crystal spheres. It retails for USD $8500 and can be ordered online here.

Jewel of the day: Staurino Fratelli star ruby and diamond necklace

This spectacular one off piece is made by Italian designer Staurino Fratelli. Part of their couture collection, this one-off piece is made of diamonds, white gold and star rubies.  Perfect for the gala occasion in your future and likely to be highly memorable.

Jewel of the day: Ralph Lauren Ricky alligator cuff bracelet

Made of alligator skin and finished with the lock that is part of the hardware of Ralph Lauren’s Ricky bag, this cuff bracelet marries a lot of design elements seen in a lot of design collections. (I’m thinking Gucci, Hermes, Michael Kors, Tiffany and all those who use the locks, keys and equestrian imagery in their own designs…)

Available online from Ralph Lauren for USD $695.

Jewel of the day: Harry Winston Asscher-cut pendant necklace

It’s hard to argue with the pure glamour of diamonds, large and lots of them. No one does it better than Harry Winston.

This necklace is part of the designer’s “The Incredibles” selection of grand and opulent jewellery. There are no specs available for this necklace but looking at it is enough visual stimulation, I’d think. Details available upon request.

Jewel of the day: Miiori timepieces

I was intrigued by an ad I saw for new jewelry brand Miiori in Town & Country magazine. So I bookmarked the page and looked up the designer on their web site.

It’s a very pretty site, but it offers little information about the products. Going to the retailer mentioned in the ad offered even less information, basically taking me to a placeholder splash page asking me to visit them on Facebook and Twitter. This is one one my biggest pet peeves about jewellery web sites. Often some (or a lot) of lush pictures but no information about the jewellery itself, where to purchase or pricing.

This is a lovely watch I wish I could tell you more about. Perhaps if you visit the Miiori web site, you will have better luck than I did.


Jewel of the day: Swarovski Raphaela necklace, spring summer 2012

Swarovski recently provided media with a sneak peak at its 2012 spring summer line. There is a colourful, fresh feel to the collection, as befits springtime, with brights, pastels and rainbow hues. It has a strong 60s-70s vibe, with graphics and interesting use of colour.

The Raphaela necklace shown here will be sold in limited quantity. It has a matching bracelet and chunky ring, and is definitely a statement piece. The necklaced is made of crystal mesh and features a new coloured stone, Coral Kiss. The star piece of the collection, it is estimated it will retail for Cdn $1600.

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