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Jewel of the day: Tony Duquette for Coach sunburst charm bracelet

My excitement over the limited edition Tony Duquette for Coach jewellery collection quickly turned to disappointment when I realized that the two rhinestone necklaces I coveted (the collar dubbed the Mermaid and the bib called the Duchess, a tribute to the Duchess of Windsor), would not be coming to stores in Canada. Moreover, they appear to not be available for order or even available on the website. I’m sure that as with so many other limited edition design collaborations these have been snapped up for resale at ridiculous prices on Ebay.

This sunburst charm bracelet was available at the stores I visited (also available online); it retails for USD $248. The pieces I saw all seemed fairly well made. Get them while they’re in stock or be prepared to pay the Ebay markup.



Sad about SAG

The Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, popularly known as the SAG Awards, might have described my spirits watching the usual parade of A-Z list celebs sadly underadorned. Or maybe SAG just stands for Strenuously Avoiding Glitz.

If you had access to stylists, and jewellers happy to open their vaults and lend you something sparkly and gorgeous … wouldn’t you take advantage of that? I think celebs are so afraid of being called out on a worst dressed list, they opt for what they think is tasteful but is just plain and boring. In the rush to be considered elegant they are just bland.

But lest you despair totally, here’s a photo of  Sofia Vergara, of Modern Family, wearing just about the only glittery item larger than a pea that I could find. And the bling is real, dolls – courtesy of Lorraine Schwartz. Vergara gets extra points for the stunning matching cuff bracelet.

Jewel of the day: Wendy Brandes Vampire Diana ring

Who said hearts have to be sweet? In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, when thoughts turn to the romantic, this gold heart ring with a stake driven through it speaks to the darker side of relationships. Especially if you’re a fan of Twilight vampire genre.

By designer Wendy Brandes, it’s made of 18k yellow gold and the sterling silver stake is removable. Brandes was just honored as fine jewellery designer of the year by Fashion Group International – congrats.

Ring available from her site for USD $7000.

Jewel of the day: Tiffany “I Love You” rose gold locket

Getting closer to Valentine’s Day, jewellers are promoting all things pink, red, and romantic. This sweet 18k rose gold locket from Tiffany would be just as lovely a gift for a young girl as for a grown woman.

Available for USD $875 for the locket alone, the chain is an additional USD $175 and is sold separately. The nice thing about lockets is that they look great worn with a bunch of other charms or pendants so you may already have a chain or cord that works.


Jewel of the day: Balenciaga Shape Pampille Necklace

Love the colours and movement in this Balenciaga necklace. “En pampille” is a jewellery term meaning that the stone or bead is set to drop, so that it trembles and moves with the wearer. This lovely necklace is available for USD $1155 from the Balenciaga site, and is made of brass, crystals and faux pearls.

Jewel of the day: Sidney Garber gold rolling bracelets

Beloved by socialites (and those with deep pockets) these tri-colour gold (yellow, white and rose) rolling bracelets are made in Verona, Italy for jeweller Sidney Garber. They are designed to be worn stacked, so get your black Amex card ready.

Garber’s daughter Brook Garber Neidich now runs the company, and these 18k bracelets are her signature piece. Selling for USD $9200, they are available on the Garber website.

Jewel of the day: Emilie Jean collection Rajasthani nose ring

Currently a dealer in vintage ethnic and tribal jewellery and textiles, Emilie Jean has had a varied and peripatetic life. Her background includes a stint at auction house Sothebys, jewellery design, and a lot of travel. Her collection includes this Rajasthani nose ring (which would look amazing on a piece of braided colourful silk or a leather thong). See more of the items she has for sale here.


Jewel of the day: Lizzie Fortunato Floreana collection

Resort 2012 is hitting the stores, just as most of us are deep in the throes of winter and craving a bit of spring. Label Lizzie Fortunato is basing their collection on the idea of paradise lost and found. These charm bedecked pieces are pretty and wearable year-round. Available online at Charm & Chain, the necklace sells for USD $456.

Jewel of the day: Help Us Adopt charity bracelet

The organization Help Us Adopt has created a line of jewelry with semi-precious stones, whose proceeds go to support their efforts to support adoptive parents.

Here is their description of their stacking bracelets (they also offer necklaces and another bracelet design): Crafted out of chocolate brown smoky quartz and accented with a gold leaf symbolizing a family tree, this bracelet signifies love, hope and the dream of parenthood through adoption. This signature bracelet, as seen in Town & Country, STAR, Bergdorf Goodman, Redbook, Good Housekeeping and Intermix was co-designed by two adoptive mothers and is dedicated to birthparents everywhere for their courage and conviction. Bracelet is available in four sizes.

This bracelet sells for USD $35.


Jewel of the day: Suzannah Wainhouse charm necklace

Painter Suzannah Wainhouse turned to metalsmithing and jewellery four years ago, and likes her pieces to look as though they surfaced in an archaeological dig.

This charm necklace is made of hammered brass with a sterling silver charm. It sells for USD $595 at Barneys.

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