Jewel of the day: Alex Soldier sunflower ring

Alex Soldier is a Russian-born (and now New York-based) designer whose career began in computer engineering. Fortunately, his creative passion won out. He describes his work this way:

“For Alex Soldier, each piece he creates is a new life  waiting to tell its story, like his conceptual miniature called “Nabokov’s  Butterfly” that involves Jacqueline Kennedy and Andrei Voznesenski as the story’s  backdrop. Or a special present to Tonino  Guerra called “Dancing Man” among many others.

More than just metal and stones, Soldier’s jewelry is as  meaningful as his miniatures, incorporating layers of details  that offer its  wearer many visual surprises. Seeing jewelry as art is central to Alex  Soldier’s philosophy.

His longtime legacy has been rooted in creating  one-of-a-kind jewelry masterworks marked by his intellectual force, mastery of  techniques and the science of materials. His work is a precious poetry that  speaks to the heart.”

No details on this beautiful sunflower ring, part of his haute couture range, but you can contact the designer through his website for information and pricing.

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