Jewel of the day: Lysine Contingency Evolution necklace

I was browsing Etsy, doing a search on “statement necklace” when this popped up. I love it. It isn’t the statement I was looking for (which had a lot to do with rhinestones and bling, as per usual) but I love the design and the other quirky and yet very wearable pieces available from The Lysine Contingency.

This sells for an exceptionally reasonable USD $17 (thus making a minimal impact on your credit card statement) and I urge you to check out the other designs available. Lots of fun and made by philosophy student Jamison Jontry. As she says, “I am not a big jewelry emporium! 🙂 I’m just a philosophy student trying to pay her way through college.”

Lysine contingency necklace

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