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Jewel of the day: Eva Fehren gold Thorn ring

This minimalist 18k yellow gold ring by Eva Fehren, resolving itself in a tiny thorn point at the centre, has a vaguely religious look to me. Catholic religious have long used visual and physical objects to remind them of Christ’s Passion and I can’t help but think of those when I see this.

Eva Fehren is a collaboration by two New Yorkers. In their words: The Eva Fehren Fine Jewellery Collection was created by New York designer Eva Zuckerman and her business partner and longtime friend, Ann Gorga. Formally trained in fine arts at the Cooper Union, Eva Zuckerman honed her jewelry design skills under the tutelage of Philip Crangi and went on to work with Anna Sheffield and Monique Pean. Eva draws from the industrial, architectural and geometric elements of her native New York: icons such as the Chrysler Building, the criss-crossing of power lines, and patterns in the cracked sidewalks of the West Village where she was raised.

I can see the Crangi influence but not sure I am channeling New York as much in this particular piece. The duo have their own website. This piece can be bought at Barneys for USD $1,230.

Eva Fehren thorn ring


Jewel of the day: Rosantica Raissa coral necklace

There’s a lot to be said for a statement necklace that treads as lightly as this one does. Multiple strands of coral beads with 24k gold plated brass chains at the back could be overwhelming, but this bib by Rosantica manages to be substantial and yet easy to wear at the same time.

For sale at Net-A-Porter for USD $690, the site doesn’t specify if these are glass or real coral beads (I suspect the former but it’s possible they are real coral. Net-A-Porter also styles the necklace and offers helpful tips for showing it off for maximum impact.

Rosantica coral necklace


Jewel of the day: Zarah Voight Moonray ring

Danish jewellery designer Zarah Voight is probably best known for her work in Plexiglass (also known as perspex).

Here is her artist statement and bio:

Zarah Voigt is educated as a scenographer for theatre and in haute couture-design by her father Jean Voigt in 1996. She studied Fine Arts at SLADE University College of London in 1999. In the following years Zarah Voigt created set designs and costumes for stage along with styling and jewellery for runway shows. In 2002 she launched the “Zarah Voigt Boutique” and presented her unique jewellery collections.

With her past experience working with theatre and fashion Zarah Voigt creates true conversation pieces with her jewellery. Using perspex in endless colour combinations, shiny or matte to metallic mirrors combined with precious metals only gold and silver. Her style is defined by the dramatic and sophisticated. Architectural and futuristic. Raw and refined. Theatrical avantgarde.

From delicate clean cut earsticks – significant earhangers – long chains to big elegant evening pieces. Based in Copenhagen Zarah Voigt creates new jewellery collections each half year – everything produced by highest standard. Zarah Voigt jewellery is being sold in few selected High End shops worldwide.

These earrings come in a variety of metals/finishes (this is the oxidized sterling silver version). This one sells for 875 Danish kroner within the EU; with VAT removed for buyers outside Europe, it is 700.

Zarah Voight moonray ring

Jewel of the day: Jill Platner Sandpiper pendant

Though it’s still winter (bah, humbug), which for many of us means snow, grey, cold, and essentially bundling up, thinking of spring is something anyone can do. Wearing something that inspires thoughts of spring is even better.

This pretty, easy sterling silver pendant by Jill Platner is called Sandpiper, and even the name brings thoughts of the beach, warmth, sun. I can see this looking wonderful on tanned skin, with a white linen shirt over a bathing suit. (Or, given the season, under a parka.)

It is available on her website for USD $560 and comes on a black crocheted 18 inch cord. Pendant measures 1-3/4 inches long.

Jill Platner Sandpiper pendant

And the winner is….

Joan Rivers. Can’t wait to see her take on the Oscars. No fashion oddities like Bjork’s swan dress or Celine Dion’s backwards tuxedo. But nothing terrifically memorable either. Though I felt that Seth MacFarlane’s Boob Song was rather appropriate, considering. And that about sums up the unadorned awards season of 2013.

Thank you, Jennifer Garner

At last, a spectacular diamond (it seems) necklace to accompany the ubiquitous strapless dress, this time by Gucci. Jennifer Garner, whose husband Ben Affleck’s Argo is up for several Oscars tonight and a favourite to win Best Picture over Lincoln, looks polished and appropriate, also wearing a bracelet, earrings and matching ring.



Tiara time

I’m not sure how I feel about this look, a tiara in what looks to be pearls, aquamarines and diamonds and matching earrings by Chopard. Taken on the Elton John Oscars red carpet by Glamour correspondent Jessica Radloff, it’s … jewellery. It’s a big night. It’s a party, not the Oscars. And somehow, on Emmy Rossum, it looks like she is playing dress up for teatime, or trying out for a part in Swan Lake.

Maybe the tiara and smaller earrings? Or the earrings and no head gear? Mulling this one over…. What do you think?

Emmy Rossum

Another breast fail

Though Heidi Klum may have been trying to make people forget she is the mother of four, in fact, it’s safe to say this dress may prove just the opposite. Taken by my friend and amazing red carpet correspondent Jessica Radloff, Heidi is heading to the Elton John Oscars party. I would like to know who made that fantastic ring and earrings. Goes with the dress. With the breasts, not so much.

Heidi Klum

How not to accessorize

Oh, Anne. I’m sure that in the likely event that you win for Best Supporting Actress tonight and get to trot out the “I’m so overwhelmed, gee, me? Wow, I’m crying too hard and too out of breath to get through this totally prepared and over-rehearsed speech”…. you will regret that you accessorized that dress with a necklace that completely ruins the neckline (though with those oddly placed and finished darts, maybe no one is even noticing). OK, maybe I’ll regret it for her. She’ll probably be too busy gloating over her triumph.

Imagine how amazing a pair of killer earrings would have looked with this dress and that cropped hair: pink diamonds, or tourmalines or emeralds. Or if it had to be a necklace, a choker much higher up. SOMETHING. But what a waste of a necklace. And an opportunity. The gown is Prada. The necklace is superfluous.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Breasts are NOT accessories

I am sure there are many people who would disagree with this statement (likely half the female population of Los Angeles, or at least certain select zip codes), but I thought I would put up this photo of Brandi Glanville, late of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and ongoing in her feud with husband-napper Leann Rimes.

Glanville (though she may be renamed Glandville after these photos) is doing (I kid you not) red carpet fashion commentary for No comment.

This is one instance where the necklace is totally superfluous. And I just really really hope she doesn’t have to raise her arms for any reason.

Brandi Glanville

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