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Jewel of the day: Tuleste Market interlocking hearts necklace

There is something sweetly 70s about this generously sized necklace. Which makes sense, as sisters Satu and Celeste Greenberg, designing as Tuleste Market, take their inspiration from vintage mashups and a thrift store sensibility.

Made from enamel hearts on gold plated metal, it measures 19 inches and has a hinged clasp. This sells for USD $295 on

Tuleste Market interlocking hearts



Jewel of the day: BCBG multistud turnlock bracelet

No, neither studs nor turnlocks are exclusive to Hermes, but the house is certainly known for using them on bags and bracelets. Here, BCBG brings you both in one piece, a studded double wrap bracelet that closes with a turnlock.

And it is faux from start to finish: faux leather (aka polyurethane), and plated metal. It is USD $48, which I actually find on the high side for, well, plastic. In a design knocking off someone else. But hey, I guess it’s (plenty) less than an Hermes piece.

Available for online purchase.

BCBG multistud turnlock bracelet

Jewel of the day: Perlota Serpent Oraya ring

Snakes are an ever popular motif in jewellery. The coil shape lends itself to pretty much anything you would want to wear – rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants.

Though I imagine it might be tricky to get this very sinuous serpent on your finger it certainly has a lot of drama and impact. Made of 18k rose gold and set with black and white diamonds, the piece is articulated to move with your finger, and extends up over the knuckle, with the head of the serpent at the base of the fingernail.

Available from LuiseViaRoma for €8,676 by designer Perlota who offers these serpents in other designs on the site as well.

Perlota serpent ring

Jewel of the day: Delfina Delettrez Infinity ring

I love Delfina Delettrez’s jewellery but there is one small problem: price. Anything I was drawn to was in “empty out the bank account” territory. So it’s delightful to see that her latest collaboration with Opening Ceremony has produced designs that maintain her playful (and often Surrealist-inspired) design sense while being affordable.

This Infinity ring is made of gold plated sterling silver set with cubic zirconia ringed with coloured rubber. The bezel set stones reference Delettrez’s fascination with eyes. Available from Opening Ceremony for USD $260.

Delfina Delletrez OC ring

Jewel of the day: Sabine G diamond and ruby earrings

Bling it on, baby: these earrings have a lot of sparkle, but are still delicate and elegant. And, well, expensive, at €20 680. (Excluding VAT if being shipped outside the European Union, the price is €17 291.)

Made of pink gold, white diamonds and rubies, they feature two heart shaped and marquise stones. No details given as to carat weight, however.

French designer Sabine Ghanem uses her last initial only. This is her first collection, and she draws on Italian artisans to fuse a contemporary and vintage look.

Sabine G earrings


Jewel of the day: Emiko Oye Batman and Catwoman earrings

Admit it: when you see Lego you still have the urge to play with it and build something. I don’t care how old you are, Legos just inspire that childish delight in building something. (Stepping on them is a pain best avoided, however.)

And Lego figurines just add to the fun. Designer Emiko Oye describes these as “Collector’s Series Earrings in re-purposed Lego, cubic zirconia set in 14k gold, and sterling silver. Earrings are 2.25″ in length.” These are marked “enquire” but other similar pieces are selling in the range of USD $40-150.

Oye has exhibited widely and won awards for her design work. The repurposed Lego bracelets are also very intriguing and easy to wear, in the event you prefer your Lego superhero free.

Batman and Catwoman earrings

Jewel of the day: Duke of Jahan body harness

The purpose of jewellery is to highlight, draw attention to (or possibly away from), to adorn. This body harness by Duke of Jahan designer Muska Jahan of Houston, Texas, draws the eye to the torso with a web of gold metal chains.

It can be worn by a man or a woman, and adds drama to a plain top worn underneath (though I am guessing some people wear it with nothing underneath). I think it could also be a great way to bring attention to the back, if worn reversed. Available for USD $99.99 plus shipping. If body jewellery isn’t your thing, Duke of Jahan offers more conventional pieces as well.

Duke of Jahan body harness


Jewel of the day: Fantasy Jewelry Box giraffe ring

Every now and again I come across something that comes into the category I call “so awful it’s wonderful.”

Meet Stefani, the crystal giraffe ring. I mean, how can you not love this? It’s everything that’s crazy and fun and sparkly and cheap and disposable about costume jewelry. Jewellery should be fun, unless it’s a tiara and you’re a (real) princess. And maybe even then – I’d love the opportunity to sport a tiara.

Made of base metal set with crystals and (of course!) an adjustable band to fit any finger size, it’s a pleasing USD $33.95 at Fantasy Jewelry Box. Long live Stefani! Long live fun!

Fantasy Jewelry Box giraffe ring

Jewel of the day: House of Gemmes Shotgun earrings

Spikes seem to be everywhere now – jewellery, shoes, bags, clothes. I recently saw Iphone covers covered with spikes on the back. Would hate to forget I had that in my pocket.

These earrings by House of Gemmes are sparkly and spiky, with gold plated metal and rhinestone and glass accents. At USD $28, they’re also a cheap and cheerful way to spike up your look.

House of Gemmes Shotgun Earrings

Jewel of the day: Roberto Demeglio ceramic and diamond cuff bracelet

Here’s an interesting (and expensive) take on those fun stretchy bracelets: diamonds and ceramic and 18k gold on a stretch coil. Ceramic became wildly popular with the rise of the Chanel J12 watch and still remains a hot material for jewellery.

Designed by Roberto Demeglio, they are part of his Domino collection and it includes more narrow bracelets, rings and options with and without diamonds. Interesting web site but no pricing or materials information. Yes, this remains one of my pet peeves about jewellery web sites. It’s lovely to see the pretty pictures, but when you are selling items presumably this expensive, it would also be nice to know how much, what they are made of, and where to buy if interested.

Rant over.

Roberto Demeglio Domino ceramic cuff

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