Jewel of the day: Swarovski Slake black microfiber bracelet

I was at the Fall/Winter 2013 Swarovski preview earlier this week (more about that tomorrow and in future posts) and as I was being greeted by the Swarovski rep, I immediately noticed this bracelet on her arm. I was delighted to hear that it is a current piece, so that I wouldn’t have to wait until August or September to get one.

I think this just may be the perfect bracelet. It’s made of Swarovski crystals on a microfiber band that has been cut into strands, wraps twice around the wrist, and snaps closed. It doesn’t snag on anything, is super comfortable to wear (and would be ideal to travel with), and for someone who is at a computer a good portion of the day, it doesn’t clang on the desk top as so many other bracelets are apt to do.

As the strands lie on the arm, it gives the appearance of being a much more substantial piece. And of course, it weights next to nothing. I love this and will probably get it in other colours. The microfiber pieces come braided and with square crystals as well, and for this fall, with mixed sizes and shapes of crystals.

The price is also a selling feature Рit  retails for Cdn $80. Below is a stock Swarovski photo, as well as a photo of the piece on my wrist.

Swarovski Slake bracelet

Swarovski microfiber bracelet

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