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Jewel of the day: Effy Balissima pink sapphire and ruby heart pendant

I have seen Effy jewellery sold in department stores for some time and have noticed it mostly because it usually seems to be on a deep discount sale.

Upon closer look, the designs seem nice, if somewhat derivative of branded designs by others, and prices are fairly reasonable. The Balissima collection has designs that remind me variously of David Yurman, John Hardy and others, with lots of worked and ornate sterling silver set with gems.

This pendant is somewhat more unique (well, inasmuch as a gem set heart can be), and has 3,0 carats of rubies and pink sapphires set in sterling silver. It comes with a chain. No views of the back of the piece, but it looks pretty enough from the front, and is a very reasonable USD $475.

Effy pink sapphire heart pendant



Jewel of the day: Ippolita Rock Candy 18k gold and aquamarine necklace

Ippolita has become very successful pairing chunky semi-precious stones with gold or sterling silver, in bangles meant to be stacked as well as necklaces that can be layered.

Here they offer an aquamarine necklace, with cabochon bezel set stones in varying shapes and sizes and set in 18k yellow gold. The piece retails for USD $1,195 and is part of the Polished Rock Candy collection.

Ippolita rock candy necklace

Jewel of the day: William Noble enamel and diamond earrings

Plique a jour enamel is lovely and difficult to make. It involves creating tiny cells of melted glass that fit into cells (or settings) with no backs to them, providing a translucent, see through appearance much like stained glass.

These lovely hoop earrings offered by William Noble are made with blue enamel and set with .66 carats of diamonds. Neither gold content nor price are specified (see my beef on this in yesterday’s post…)

William Noble plique a jour and diamond earrings

Jewel of the day: Clara Williams brown ebony bracelet

I like the oversized links and organic look of this ebony bracelet by Clara Williams. I’m not as fond of the lack of information on the web site – for example, no details on what the clasp may be made of. Gold plated sterling? Gold? Brass? Bronze?

It’s a very pretty piece but for the USD $725 price, it would be good to know more than just the material of the main component of the bracelet.

Yes, it’s one of my pet jewellery peeves on web sites. I think it’s fine when you are talking about very cheap things and therefore risking less money. But for this price, a few lines about the total composition of the item, not to mention length and width, would be appreciated by most consumers. Or, this one, at the very least.

Clara Williams ebony bracelet

Jewel of the day: CJ Charles Riviera Collection diamond necklace

Diamonds by the yard were popularized by Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti. Peretti’s design features a few modestly sized diamonds spaced out on a chain. Pretty and yet pricey.

This necklace by San Diego jeweller CJ Charles is a DBTY necklace amped up to the max. Their description: This necklace features over 160 diamonds totaling 38.12 carats and including a .80 Chameleon color-change diamond, and a 4.87 ct round brilliant cut diamond. This amazing collection of diamonds took over a decade to perfect. Each diamond was individually bezel set in 18k gold. Beautifully crafted, this necklace can be draped around the neck for an opera length necklace for a night out or wrapped two or three times to be worn casually with jeans for a day shopping.

Now, I don’t know what a chameleon diamond is and I have never heard of diamonds colour changing (as stones like alexandrite will do depending on the light source) but this sure is a very pretty piece of sparkly bling. And hey, hard to find fault with nearly 40 carats of diamonds. Price available upon request.

CJ Charles necklace

Jewel of the day: Flawless 101.73 carat pear-shaped diamond

This incredible gem set a record May 15 when auction house Christie’s sold it in Geneva. The internally flawless D colour diamond, found in Botwana, which took 21-months to polish, sold for $26.7 million. Word is that Christie’s was slightly disappointed, as they had hoped for $30 million. With the purchase, buyer Harry Winston reiterated their claim to fame as being a girl’s best friend.

Harry Winston 101 ct diamond 1


Harry Winston 101 ct diamond 2


Jewel of the day: Macha Swift ring in Victoria green

Macha’s “Undone” collection is, in their words, “inspired by a love of vintage clothing and it’s imperfections, disorderly yarns and fibres are captured through a unique series of processes and formed into distinctive sculptural rings and bangles, all in gold and silver plate.”

This vivid green ring is made of a brass nail and coated fibre. Rings are custom sized and come in a medium or large size. This one sells for USD $195.

Macha Swift ring

Jewel of the day: Kathleen Whitaker ear cuff

Kathleen Whitaker is a jeweller, porcelain ceramicist, and PR/branding specialist, according to her web site. If you like minimal (and I mean really minimal), this is the girl for you.

Her ear cuff is probably the largest and possibly most adorned piece on offer. It is 14k yellow gold and attaches with the stick stud shown (though the stick may be worn on its own. It is sold for USD $450 for one cuff.

Kathleen Whitaker ear cuff

Jewel of the day: LaLaCrystal Leaves with Turquoise Crystal Lariat Necklace

Etsy’s LalaCrystal promotes themselves as selling bridal jewellery. While this could certainly make a great bridesmaid’s gift (and at only USD $18, it would happily accomodate a raft of bridesmaids) it would be equally pretty with a summer dress or a work outfit.

California-based, LalaCrystal is worth perusing if you are doing bridal on a budget – lots of very pretty bling at affordable prices.

LalaCrystal turquoise necklace

Jewel of the day: Vawk for Ebay collar and cuff #VAWK4Ebay

Vawk is the creative genius of Canadian designer Sunny Fong. He has had his own line since  2004 and is based in Toronto. In 2009, he became the winner of the second (and final) season of Project Runway Canada.

Fong is known more for his clothing than for accessories but for this collaboration with Ebay, his capsule collection includes several. The main piece is a really great black dress, which can be accessorized with a matching capelet, two scarves with a similar black and white print, and the fox trimmed lizard embossed collar and cuff seen below. (The collection also includes a skinny leather tie.)

The vaguely BDSM look of the collar and cuff take away from what could be a Mary Poppins vibe coming from the capelet. All the pieces are limited-edition. The collar will sell for Cdn $79, with the cuff going for $59. The collection will be available on with fixed Buy it Now prices from August 12-September 15, or while quantities last.

Vawk Lizard Embossed Collar with Fox Fur

Vawk Lizard Embossed Cuff with Fox Fur

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