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Jewel of the day: Wave Short Cubic Zirconia Ear Charms

So let’s say you’re a staid accountant by day, and a rocker by night. What to do about that craving for piercings that some might say would be a career limiting move?

Ear Charms has the answer – earrings (they call them charms) that require no piercing at all and are easily worn and removed. Gotta love their description: They are great on anyone who wants to add a little twinkle, but not another hole.

These are vermeil (gold plated sterling), cost USD$78 and are a fun way to add edge without pain!

Ear Charms 1

Ear Charms 2


Jewel of the day: Ariel Gordon diamond droplet bracelet

Part of Ariel Gordon‘s bridal range, I think this is a sweet and very wearable daily piece.

It’s  made of 14k yellow gold set with 7, 5 point bezel set diamonds dangling from a cable chain. Length is 6 3/4 inches. I could see it being worn with other bracelets, but it would be very pretty on its own as well. (Also a great grad gift if you know someone who will be celebrating soon.)

Available on Gordon’s web site for USD$1430.

Ariel Gordon diamond droplet bracelet


Jewel of the day: Joanna Laura Constantine Americana collection earrings

I am not sure what exactly is “Americana” about these rhinestone earrings by Joanna Laura Constantine. But they are pretty and blingy and I am easily distracted by shiny things, so they work for me.

These are described as mini wings, but no info as to how mini mini is. (Might I also add that another of my pet peeves, besides a dearth of information on jewellery web sites, like whether or not these are clip or pierced earrings, for example, is music that suddenly comes on and startles you when you land on a splash page… grrr).

These sell for USD$105, and since shipping is 5-7 business days, you probably wouldn’t have them if you want to add to your Fourth of July celebrations. But Americana should be a year-long thing, so go for it.

Joanna Laura Constantine earrings

Jewel of the day: Lele Sadoughi Meteor Shower Necklace

Lele Sadoughi honed her skills at J. Crew (whose jewellery I really love) before striking out on her own.

This gorgeous necklace is inspired by meteors, and it certainly makes an impact. (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.) I love the way it fills out the neckline without being drag queen fabulous – not that there’s anything wrong with that. The design is bold but the shapes and colours make it very wearable, always a plus. It’s got an exuberant Jetsons feel that just makes me smile.

It’s described as gold plated stems with stone inlays (no word on what those stones are made of…)

Available from Sadoughi’s online shop for USD$485.

Lele Sadoughi meteor necklace

Lele Sadoughi meteor necklace2

Jewel of the day: Hermes Galop Bracelet

Given its beginnings as a saddlemaker, Hermes has long incorporated horses and equestrian themes into its designs – bags, silks, ready-to-wear, shoes, jewellery and leather goods.

Sometimes, the horse theme is more successful than others and the new Galop bracelet is one of those times. The horse’s head is the beautiful and graceful endpoint of the graduated sterling silver links, and is a sinuous and wearable design. All things Hermes are expensive (and some might rightfully say overpriced). This is no exception, coming in at a healthy USD $4650. Whip out your black Amex and giddy up….

Hermes Galop bracelet

Jewel of the day: James Colarusso Il Froid Me Changer pendant

How about some mystery to go with your jewellery?

This pendant by New York-based James Colorusso looks like an old heraldic piece. It appears to have the motto “il froid me changer” on it. Trouble is, I’m really not sure what that means. I’m more or less fluent in French and this could be (badly) translated as “the cold changes me” (though that more properly would be something like le froideur me change…) But hey, it’s pretty and not straightforward and if anyone can actually read what’s written here, it could lead to some interesting and witty and even flirtatious conversations. How can you put a price on that?

You can put a price on this pendant, however, and that would be USD $135 for what is described as a gold/silver mix. No word on whether a chain comes with or is additional. So if you’re asking, maybe ask what il froid me changer is supposed to mean and then get back to me.

Jame Colorusso Il Froid me Changer pendant


Jewel of the day: Nora Kogan Booty Ring

Happy Monday! Part of Nora Kogan’s T+A Collection, starting the week off with your pick of a chocolate enamel and sterling, gold plated sterling or pink enamel and sterling booty ring. This one sells for USD $490.

Since other jewellers have already immortalized lips, fingers, arms and legs (and probably ever other piece of anatomy), why not some T+A to go with the other body parts? Silliness aside, Kogan is a trained goldsmith whose work has a really beautiful precision and whimsy. She also designs a range of elegant enamel and minimalist gold and diamond pieces; just in case anatomy isn’t your thing.

Other pieces in this collection feature similarly designed breasts (yes, the booby collection), including this ring in solid gold with diamond nipples for USD $6255.

Nora Kogan booty ring

Jewel of the day: Kothari diamond baguette arrowhead pendant

When jewellery can make effective use of irregularly shaped stones, it takes on an almost talismanic feel that just begs to be touched and played with.

This pendant, by California-based line Kothari, uses 18k yellow gold and features a baguette diamond surrounded by round diamonds. The arrowhead pendant measures 15 by 8 mm, and comes with an 16 inch gold chain. It’s the kind of piece the wearer would take to worrying between his or her fingers, absent-mindedly playing with it. Well, I know I would.

Available from Twist Online for USD $2800.

Kothari diamond arrowhead pendant

Jewel of the day: Elizabeth Gage Tapered Templar Ring

Elizabeth Gage’s work has a buttery, drawn from antiquity look to it, and this Tapered Templar ring is no exception.

Made with 18k yellow and white gold, the centrepiece is an old cut oval diamond (carat weight is not specified) surrounded by carved myrtle leaves in gold set with four tiny diamonds.

It is available directly from Elizabeth Gage’s site, and sells for £16,800 including VAT or £14,000 to buyers outside the European Union.

Elizabeth Gage Tapered Templar ring

Jewel of the day: Tuareg silver ebony stripe earrings

I love the intricate and yet somehow haphazard looking designs of the Tuareg tribes people. Their silver is etched with detailed geometric patterns and often has ebony or other wood incorporated. The designs are geometic and finely done. The Tuareg are a nomadic African people and war and strife has created havoc for them.

These ebony stripe earrings are offered by Tuareg Jewelry, a collaboration between American Elena Rotondi, based in Seattle, and craftsman Elhadji Koumama, based in Niger.

I have two Tuareg silver pieces and would happily add to their number. These elegant earrings are made of silver and ebony, and sell for a very reasonable USD $85.

Tuareg silver and ebony earrings

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