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Jewel of the day: FEED for Target Bracelet

I’m a big fan of FEED products, which range from bags to t-shirts to jewellery to clothing. Proceeds provide meals for people in a variety of countries. Founded in 2007 by Lauren Bush Lauren, the organization is now focusing on meals for the needy in the US with their Target collaboration.

This FEED bracelet, made of a zinc alloy and woven string, is USD $8 Purchase prices are loosely tied to the amount of meals to be donated so buying this will provide six meals for children and their families.

It’s a pretty bracelet for a great cause.

Feed bracelet for Target


Jewel of the day: BaubleBar Mint Chain Tab Collar Necklace

I’m in a buy it on sale kind of mood. BaubleBar, home of cheap and cheerful at regular prices, is in the same summer clearance frame of mind.

Like this Studio 54-ish chain necklace. I can picture Bianca Jagger sporting it with one of her cool, fresh white pant suits. Though I’m guessing that in the disco heyday, it would have had a Bulgari coin in the middle of it. This one is set with acrylic sparklies, and made of plated base metal. However, it also costs way less than a gold Bulgari necklace.

Snag this Mint Chain Tab Collar necklace for USD $22 from BaubleBar’s regular price of $34. And go dancing. Don’t forget the shades – even at night. And find someplace fun to dance.

BaubleBar Mint Chain Tab Collar

Jewel of the day: Mango Feather Embossed Cuff Bracelet

The bad news is that it’s almost August (and thus, summer is inching closer to fall). The good news is that this is prime sale season, and for the most part, jewellery can be worn all year round.

This pretty cuff by Spanish chain store Mango would look just as nice in December as in July and it’s on sale now for USD $14.99, half off its regular price. Have to love the photo (worth clicking the link above to see the alternate views for this piece) they included of a blonde model poured into a white dress, posed languorously on a tiny stool. If you squint, you can make out the bracelet on her right arm. Because, you know, if it works to sell cars, why not bracelets?

Mango feather cuff bracelet


Jewel of the day: Antica Murrina Bali Secret Earrings

With the sky high price of gold today and the general markup fueling jewellery, it’s easy to forget that once a very long while ago, glass was considered to be very precious and costly indeed.

These gorgeous earrings by Antica Murrina incorporate bubbles that look like floating water droplets. The posts are made of stainless steel, which works really well with the luscious glass drops. Best of all, they are a very uncostly (yeah, I just made that up) € 26.00.

Antica Murrina earrings

Jewel of the day: HRH Mon Coeur Bracelet

Without getting into a Barbie, princess vs super hero or should pink be for girls debate, I am fairly sure that these bracelets by HRH would cause most little girls to squeal with glee. And obviously, some grown up girls as well.

The Mon Coeur bracelets with a honking big crystal heart in either pink or clear with an aurora borealis coating, are unabashed, pink and sparkle loving girly glitz.  They are USD $70, made of base metal with a large lobster clasp. Get your girl power out. Or just sparkle.

HRH Mon Coeur bracelet

Jewel of the day: Shaesby Mimosa Wedding Band

Billed as a wedding band, I think these would make really pretty every day rings, worn singly or possibly in a stack. Designer Shaesby offers the appealing option of customizing the metals used (and in some cases, though not this one, the stones ass well).

This ring features a .31 marquise diamond, a less common shape that fits perfectly into this sinuous band. You can choose from sterling silver, 18K yellow & white gold, 14K yellow & white gold, and platinum.

The price shown is USD $3,240, which I am assuming is the cost for gold (carat TBD by the buyer).

Shaesby mimosa band

Jewel of the day: Toby Pomeroy Studios Forged Cuff With Diamonds

Toby Pomeroy’s Oregon studio is home to several talented artisans, committed to using reclaimed and eco-gold.

This cuff bracelet is made of your choice of 14 or 18 karat yellow gold set with diamonds. Pomeroy describes it this way:

“At once assertive and restrained, this 30mm wide cuff is a bold statement of sustainability and responsibility. Twenty-four .01ct ideal-cut diamonds scatter across the matte finish of hand-forged and textured reclaimed metals. Available in three wrist sizes in 14k or 18k EcoGold or EcoSilver. To the best of our knowledge these diamonds are conflict-free. We are diligently at work on securing traceable, certified sources of non-conflict, environmentally and socially responsible diamonds. Artisan handcrafted in our Oregon studio.”

The studio uses what they call TrueGold, which “uses completely traceable gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones, showing complete authenticity from mine to market. When you purchase source certified TRUE GOLD™, you are supporting Fair Trade and Fair Mining efforts, non-conflict diamonds, and environmental responsibility.”

It’s an innovative and admirable approach to the use of precious metals. There is no price indicated for this piece, due to the fluctuating nature of gold. Pomeroy’s contact page is here.

Toby Pomeroy eco gold cuff

Jewel of the day: Plukka Ruby Gaujard Necklace

Yes, I’m still on a statement necklace kick. Though I am fervently hoping this necklace by Plukka, dubbed the ruby Gaujard necklace, has been oddly enhanced in Photoshop. Because if the stones look this radioactive in person well, let’s just say it isn’t good.

Made with rubies and green garnets on oxidized sterling silver, Plukka describes this USD $1,950 bauble this way:

“This bib necklace is a delicate and intricate masterpiece of floral-inspired metalcraft. Liberally sprinkled with rubies and green garnets to evoke a veritable rose garden, this necklace, with its subdued finish of black rhodium sterling silver, can be worn day or night, with a t-shirt or a ballgown. 52 carats of rubies and green garnets. Total Gemstone Weight: 52 carats Length: Adjustable 14″ – 18″ Clasp: Hook and chain closure.”

Plukka Gaujard necklace

Jewel of the day: Monica Vinader Ava Diamond Pave Earrings

These are a bit similar to the Swarovski Bella earrings I posted last week in terms of shape. Also close to the ear, and round drops, though these by Monica Vinader are set with pave diamonds totaling .50 carats. (There is also a matching ring and pendant.)

They are actually sterling silver with 18k gold plating; they are also available in rose gold, ever so popular these days (though the white gold looks better, in my opinion). Sold on Vinader’s site for USD $$1,320.83

Monica Vinader Ava Diamond Pave earrings

Jewel of the day: Pope Francis’s Ring

In keeping with his more modest approach to the papacy, Pope Francis has basically recycled an existing ring (a break with custom) and it isn’t even solid gold.

The Pope traditionally has a ring made for him, with a design of his choosing, which is defaced when the pope dies so that it can no longer be used as an official seal. Pope Francis has chosen a gold-plated silver ring originally offered to Pope Paul VI but not believed to have been worn by him. It was designed by Italian sculptor Enrico Manfrini.

Known as the Fisherman’s Ring, this one shows St. Peter holding a pair of keys — a symbol of the papacy which depicts  St. Peter receiving the keys to heaven.  “The ring is designed by Manfrini, who created several religious works and it was presented to the pope by the master of ceremonies who had received the model from one of Paul VI’s secretaries,” said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

Pope Francis has also elected to wear a simple cross rather than the more ornate gold one popes have generally worn.

So he’s into vintage and recycling. Kind of cool.

Pope Francis ring

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