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Jewel of the day: Lena Wald Oxidized Moon Ring

Los Angeles-based Lena Wald offers a number of pretty designs featuring little talismans and symbols, including horse shoes, stars, skulls, hearts, clovers, and more. She also sells single earrings, pendants, and this cute little moon ring.

It’s available in different colours of gold (for USD $440) set with a few tiny diamonds for sparkle, or in sterling silver for USD $220. You can purchase it on her web site.

Lena Wald oxidized moon ring


Jewel of the day: Rodarte Barbed Wire Metal Choker

Design darlings Rodarte have gone to the fetish side for fall winter 2013. Lots of leather, corsets, allusions to being bound and, yes, barbed wire.

In principle, I like the look of this. In practice, I’m not sure how much I would like going through my day being impaled by my jewellery. Or providing a visual that warns others away from me?

Available from Moda Operandi for USD $357.

Rodarte barbed wire necklace

Jewel of the day: Annelise Michelsen Sculptural Draped Earring

I like the way this earring, by Annelise Michelsen, mimics the cartilage and curve of the ear. It’s made of gold plated bronze and presumably (as this is the only photo of it on her e-shop) is meant to be worn along the outside edge of the ear? Though I am trying to figure out how exactly it would attach comfortably in that position. Even if it drops from the lobe, it’s an interesting form.

Made of gold-plated bronze, it sells for €325 and is available on her web  site.

Annelise Michelsen Sculptural earring

Jewel of the day: Michael Kors Crystallized Pyramid Belt Bracelet

Oh, Michael. I suspect he’s dying to wear head to toe Hermes but settles for sneaking some of their most noticeable design elements into his. Like the double wrap bracelets and pyramid form. I know these are not unique to Hermes (or to any other designer) but they have made these iconic shorthand for the brand.

If, however, you don’t want to fork out Hermes prices (or have your own design house and just can’t go there openly), this is a pretty alternative. Made of python stamped black leather with a metal, rhinestone accented (sorry, crystallized – that sounds a lot richer, doesn’t it?) buckle, this can be yours for only USD $95.

Michael Kors double wrap python bracelet

Jewel of the day: Jacob and Co. Diamond Mesh Glove

Pieces like this diamond mesh glove by Jacob and Co. beg the question of jewellery’s purpose as adornment. Does this cross the line to pure showmanship and does that make it superfluous, or does an item like this have a necessary place (on red carpets and galas and as a part of extraordinary activities)?

Made with 18k white gold mesh, the glove is set with 17.88cts round cut diamonds (a total of 389 stones),

Michael Jackson had his sequinned glove, Lady Gaga has her over the top sense of accessorizing, and I’m sure this glove has also found a home with more than one buyer.

Jacob  and Co Diamond Mesh glove

Jewel of the day: Stella & Dot Ivie Bangle Bracelet

This bangle bracelet by Stella & Dot can be described as cheap, cheerful and full of personality. Surprisingly, it also looks great worn stacked with other bracelets, chunky and not.

Made of gold plated metal, rhinestones and ruthenium accents, it sells for USD $49. See the item page for user photos of how to wear it (hence, the stacking options.)

Stella and Dot Ivie Bangle

Jewel of the day: Cher Dior Fascinante Emeraude Ring

This ring, part of the Cher Dior collection and named Fascinante Emeraude, is pretty much an  undoubtedly expensive party on your hand. The pastels and profusion of different stones would not be out of place in an Easter parade – a very colourful one.

Made in 18K yellow gold, the ring is set with diamonds, emeralds, yellow sapphires, pink sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, demantoid garnets, spessartite garnets, purple sapphires, rubies and sapphires. It’s part of the Cher Dior collection, which features the same colourway across multiple designs, with different coloured stones providing shade theme.

Cher Dior ring

Jewel of the day: Mallory Jewellers Antique Edwardian Necklet

Although I am easily seduced by the brash glamour of Art Deco pieces, there is something more quietly elegant seductive about Edwardian jewellery. That was the period when platinum began to be used to great effect, with the graphic beginnings of the Deco period found in the use of black materials, white metals, and the occasional bold accent colour.

This necklace, offered by British jewellers Mallory, is a nice amalgamation of both styles, really, with its pointed oval enamel links connecting to a seed pearl and diamond accented finial.

Available for £5,100; additional information available upon request.

Mallory Jewellers antique necklace

Emmys 2013: Best use of rhinestones

Kudos to Homeland’s Morena Baccarin. The nine-months pregnant actress highlighted her belly with a sparkling rhinestone belt. And it looks wonderful.

Morena Baccarin emmys

Emmy Follies: A word about breasts

If you, like “Girls” Zosia Mamet, ever plan to make your breasts the centerpiece of your outfit (and frankly, I tend to advise against it), a few words of advice.

Perhaps don’t give them the black bar of shame as though they were in the witness protection program? Or perhaps use that space to send some kind of message like, oh, I don’t know, Save the Whales”? Or perhaps just opt for cleavage and something sparkly or an optical illusion or …

I give up.

Mamet doesn’t look too pleased and even her breasts look sad to be highlighted like this.  Something tells me a stylist somewhere in WeHo is getting ripped off speed dial…

Zosia Mamet

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