Jewel of the day: Grainne Morton Daguerrotype Brooch

Early photography is so intriguing – how people had to sit still for so long to capture a sharp image. How those images usually show people in their finest clothing as, unlike today, having one’s photo taken was a special and rare event. The daguerrotype was one early photographic method, with the resulting image on a piece of glass that was encased in a velvet lined, leather or paper finished “frame”.

Here, Grainne Morton has taken the somewhat faded original image of a woman, and used the case to fashion a brooch with several found items and compartments. I love the way the tiny trinkets have been placed behind the image, almost as thoughts made concrete. The one-of-a-kind piece sells for £950.

Grainne Morton daguerrotype 1

Grainne Morton daguerrotype 2


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