Jewel of the day: Schreiner Necklace/Pin

Though there are many vintage designers I have a soft spot for, perhaps Schreiner is the one for which I have the most admiration. Long out of business, the designs are still sharp and bold and so wearable today. The designs don’t mimic trends popular from the late 30s through the 70s, so I can only imagine how eye catching they looked when first worn.

Henry Schreiner, who got his start making belts, buckles and buttons, innovated with specially cut stones, often reverse set with their points facing out, fabulous settings, much of it f japanned (or blackened) or gunmetal.

This necklace has gunmetal base metal, and is set with open backed clear, grey and pale yellow stones. The centre piece detaches and can be worn as a brooch. It’s a very large necklace but because the colours are muted it has a quiet elegance. I bought this with only a single earring … would love someday to have its mate.  There are a lot of great Schreiner pieces still out there, and considering the fine workmanship and materials, they can be had for very reasonable prices.

Schreiner necklace


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