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Jewel of the day: Coomi Spring Silver Links Diamond Earrings

I expected these silver and diamond earrings by Coomi to cost a lot more than USD $500. I really like the contrasting textures and shades, and the interesting way they found to bezel set the diamonds while making them still look like an organic part of the design. (Total weight is .66 carats.)

At 3.5 inches long, these could be overwhelming, but the design is light and airy and my guess is that these would be easy to wear with both casual and dressy outfits. Available at Neiman Marcus.

Coomi Spring Silver Links Diamond Earrings


Jewel of the day: Lucky Brand Gold Owl Ring

High-low. It’s what fashion is all about today. Take something expensive and mix it in with mass produced mall pieces. Here you have a gold owl ring by Lucky Brand, initially known more for jeans but now making well, everything else. (Yes, in malls.)

But there’s something to be said for fun. A lot, actually. This one-size fits all metal owl with rhinestone eyes is taking flight  for USD $35 on the Lucky Brand web site.

Lucky Brand Gold Owl Ring

Jewel of the day: Verdura Byzantine Pendant Earclips

Almost all of Verdura’s designs evoke a time gone by, when wealthy women wore important jewels and looked polished and, well, rich, even on daily errands.

These Byzantine Pendant Earclips would most likely be worn today for an evening engagement, but I could see them at an elegant 1940s ladies lunch, worn with a smart suit and turban and ladylike bag. Gloves, of course. (And proving that the aesthetic still lives, these can be found on the Verdura website under “gifts for her.” Yes, please.

They are made of white topaz and peridot set in 18k yellow gold, and sell for USD $10,950.

Verdura Byzantine Pendant Earrings

Jewel of the day: Dezso Cuff with Single Diamond

This bracelet by Dezso (which I would probably describe more as a bangle than a a cuff) is made of coral set with a polki diamond. Polki diamonds are rough cut stones from India.

My pet peeve about sites short on details lives: there is no mention of diamond weight, type of coral of the metal used to set the diamond. (Sorry!) However, price is stated. This can be yours for USD $1300.

Deszo Coral and Diamond Cuff

Jewel of the day: Nigel Milne La Dolce Vita Necklace

London-based jewellers Nigel Milne have dubbed this the Dolce Vita necklace but they might have had more traction calling it the Downton Abbey necklace. The style certainly looks more Edwardian-inspired to me than paparazzi fuelled 50s and 60s Rome, which is what I associated with the term ‘dolce vita.”

Regardless, it’s a very pretty piece. With pretty impressive specs: matched set of  4.5 carats of briolette cut diamonds framed with 1.15 carats of brilliant cut diamonds captured on five rows of 4-4.5mm pearls set in 18ct white gold.

Pretty will cost you. In this case, £27500. But yes, it would likely make life feel much sweeter.

Nigel Milne Dolce Vita Necklace

Jewel of the day: Jewellery Theatre Caravaggio Bracelet

There are a lot of pretty pictures on the Jewellery Theatre website, but a sad lack of actual information.

This  charming bracelet, dubbed the Caravaggio, is made with coloured diamonds and variously coloured sapphires, and tsavorites. You can find the stone weight here. You won’t find the karat fineness or price, alas. Jewellery Theatre was founded in Russia and has several European boutiques. I’m presuming they would be familiar with the missing details.

Jewellery Theatre Caravaggio Bracelet


Jewel of the day: Shabby Apple Penelope Necklace

Maybe because it’s miserably cold and snowy out tonight and this necklace looks like tiny flags waving in the summer breeze at a marina … or maybe I just need another cup of coffee … but I think this is sweet.

By Shabby Apple, this Penelope necklace is made of, well, other than the stated description of “colorful rectangular charms” (and they certainly are), I couldn’t tell you. But it’s only USD $50 so it’s the proverbial cheap and cheerful.

Shabby Apple Necklace

Jewel of the day: Shop Design Spark X Ring

The design of this ring, by Shop Design Spark, allows you to have more with less. More design, more bling, but less fussiness going on. It’s 14k yellow gold set with tiny pave white diamonds (no carat weight given), and sells for USD $780. It’s a special order and requires two-three weeks from the time of purchase, so if you’re in a hurry, this may not be the item for you.

If this is too rich for you, they also offer some similar costume rings here.

Design Spark X Ring

Jewel of the day: Eleanor Christine Sterling Silver and Hematite Stars Necklace

The various elements in this necklace by Eleanor Christine – the crescent neckpiece, the falling stars, the silver and hematite – add up to a very magical piece.  She describes herself as bohemian, creative and quirky, and her site shows a range of designs that certainly bear that out.

She also takes commissions; for pricing and further info, contact the designer.

Eleanor Christine Jewellery Hematite Necklace

Jewel of the day: Forest Jewellery Birch Twig Earrings

Forest Jewellery is a Scandinavian (Danish) company which uses nature as its design source. There are many charming pieces made from leaves and, in this case, twigs.

These earrings were cast from birch twigs; as they noted on the site: “These graceful earrings are cast from a real winter birch twig. We picked it in mid-winter, before the tiny buds began to swell.” Being stuck in the middle of a seemingly never ending winter, I’d be just as happy with an item commemorating spring (bring on those buds!) but these are very charming. They sell forDKK 830 on their site.

It’s an interesting company and design concept. On the “about me” page: “Forest Jewellery is run by Maribel Blasco, who’s originally from the UK but happily installed long-term in Denmark where she’s worked as a researcher at Copenhagen Business School. Her long-term love affair with Denmark’s unspoiled nature and minimalist design tradition are the inspiration behind Forest. ‘Plants and flowers have been my passion for years, and I’ve always been fascinated by the diversity of forms in nature. To me, every plant has its own unique personality and designing with plants is about trying to understand ‘who’ they are and letting that shine through. Living in Denmark has taught me to appreciate simplicity. Danish designers are masters at respecting the essence of the materials they work with, and allowing them to speak for themselves. It’s a very Danish, almost self-effacing approach to design, where the designer becomes more of a facilitator.’ Maribel lives in a garden community at the edge of Copenhagen, with her Danish husband and dog. Production: All our pieces  are made of solid 925 silver and are cast from leaves, seeds and other plant parts we have collected along the Vestvold, the lovely green belt surrounding Copenhagen. The more we gather, the more we see.”


Forest Jewellery twig earrings

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