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Jewel of the day: Anil Arjandas Carbon and Rose Cut Diamond Cuff

A dear friend of mine has ordered this bracelet by Spain-based Anil Arjandas. It’s a very intriguing piece: carbon for the bracelet body, with inset rose cut black and brown diamonds set in oxidized silver.

Arjandas launched his jewellery business in 2000, preferring to work with black gold, black and brown diamonds and leather, as well as relatively unconventional materials like the carbon in this piece.

It sells for €4,950 and can be ordered online or at one of three bricks and mortar stores.

Anil Arjandas carbon cuff


Jewel of the day: ShopDesignSpark Ombre Broche Collar Necklace

Cheap, cheerful, colourful. Not much more to say about this USD $36 fabric and acrylic stone necklace by ShopDesignSpark.

It’s pretty true to the info about them on their site: “Shop Design Spark offers an eclectic variety of jewelry and accessories at price points that will suit any budget.  The pieces are playful, yet classic, and radiate a boho-chic style that is both timeless and contemporary.

The online boutique features striking, quality pieces infused with a modernity and boldness sure to add vivacity to any style.  With designs inspired by trends throughout the world, Design Spark’s accessories possess the ability to transform every outfit into a unique statement.
We hope to spark some creativity into your personal style!”

DesignSpark Ombre Broche Collar Necklace


Jewel of the day: Mr. Kate Decay Starburst Mismatch Earrings

These mismatched earrings by Mr. Kate look like they should come with a cartoon bubble that says, “KAPOW!”

They’re available from LA’s Roseark, but under details all it says is, “Mistmatch star earrings. Large earring approximately 1″ and small approximately .5″.” (Yes, they have written mistmatch … not sure if it’s a typo or artistic license.)

Since they sell for USD $95, I’m guessing they’re brass, perhaps gold plated. If you are interested, you can order them here.

Mr. Kate Decay Earrings

Jewel of the day: Marina B Pampilles Bombe Sapphire Ring

There’s a kicky 60s cocktail ring vibe to this sapphire and 18k white gold ring by Marina B. Not sure why they are using the jewellery term “pampilles” when “en pampilles” generally meant a piece with stones set on small springs, or moveable in some other way.

The design is also available in diamonds and a yellow stone (could be sapphires, could be citrines). No price is indicated; Marina B is sold at the following retailers.

Marina B Pampilles Bombe Sapphire Ring

Jewel of the day: Caspita Jewelry 7 Chakras Tourbillon Ring

I’m not sure what this would do for your chakras, but it’s a smile-inducing colour palette. Made with seven moving pieces, representing the chakras, it is designed by Arlène Bonnant, a Switzerland-based designer and contemporary art expert, under the name Caspita Jewelry.

Regarding materials, the site notes only that, “This diamond ring features seven moving chakras embellished in 7.3 carats of multicolor gemstones.”

It sells for USD $35,400.

Caspita Jewelry 7 Chakras Ring


Jewel of the day: Valentina Brugnatelli Beata Resin and Agate Cuff

Well, this is full of sunshine and sass. This fabulous cuff bracelet is are of resin and an agate mosaic set in brass. It’s designed by Valentina Brugnatelli, and sold by Mariana Antinori. Antinori recently opened a shop on New York’s Madison avenue (at 89th St.) showcasing the best of Italian design. Brugnatelli’s artist’s statement notes, “Valentina Brugnatelli believes a jewel needs to have a soul: an element that doesn’t relegate it to something decorative. It is essential it tells a story and triggers an emotion. She imagines her jewels worn by by a free-spirited woman with a personality strong enough to wear whatever she feels like. Someone you would turn to look at because there’s something about her that strikes you.”

This piece, available online, sells for USD $960.

Beata bracelet


Jewel of the day: Lana Turquoise Lariat

As I write this it is still unseasonably cold and wintery and so a shot of summer in the form of bright blue turquoise by Lana Bramlette is a welcome sight. This necklace also has a very agreeable price – USD $655. With gold jewellery prices still hovering near stratospheric, it was a pleasant surprise to see this 14k yellow gold piece going for about the same as some higher end costume items.

It is 19.5 inches long and available from Bergdorf Goodman.

Lana Turquoise Lariat


Jewel of the day: Eddie Borgo Jacket Silver Plated Finger Bracelet

You know this is aimed at someone who doesn’t have a white collar office job. Or shepherding kids around all day. Or, well, most things that don’t require a hand unadorned by chains and spikes. (Sadly, this definitely rules out balloon animal artist.)

Even for evening, I’m likely too practical to wear this bracelet with attached rings, by Eddie Borgo. I would be worried about the chains catching on clothing or stockings, or whatever, and if the chains didn’t get me, the spikes probably would. I also wonder how that piece would fit every hand, even with open backed, adjustable rings (which Net-A-Porter says they are). But it’s good news for lefties, because it is designed to be worn on that hand.

I do think it’s a cool piece and at least Borgo is branching out from the repetitive spike design (well, sort of); if it intrigues you, it’s USD $750 at the aforementioned Net-A-Porter.

Eddie Borgo Finger Bracelet 1

Eddie Borgo Finger Bracelet 2

Jewel of the day: Pyrrha Longevity, Happiness and Good Luck Talisman

Vancouver-based Pyrrha has partnered with HBO to offer a line of Game of Thrones jewellery. The pieces will be available April 4, but if you can’t wait, they do offer very similar looking talisman charms now.

Given the Game of Thrones storyline at the end of last season, a charm promising longevity, happiness and good luck seems in order. This sterling silver piece features three elephants in a shield, and is cast in reclaimed sterling silver or bronze from a 19th century wax seal handcrafted  in Vancouver.

It sells for USD $202 in either metal, including the sterling silver chain.

Pyrrha Longevity talisman

Jewel of the day: Ana Khouri Lola Rose Gold Diamond Cuff

This rose gold and diamond cuff by Ana Khouri is a statement piece that requires a statement bank account.

Made of 18k gold and set with five diamonds weighing .05 carats each, it has a vaguely Cleopatra look to it. It’s available from Net-A-Porter for USD $38,390, for the queen in your life.

Ana Khouri Lola Cuff

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