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Jewel of the day: Bande de Quatres Wolfgang Bracelet

I always enjoy finding and profiling Canadian designers, as a fellow Canuck. Bande des Quatres is, “a boutique jewelry line. Each design is a collaboration: conceived by Montreal-native Erin Wahed and hand-crafted by world-renowned Canadian jeweller Janis Kerman. Wahed’s art world experience and collecting savvy directly influence her refined aesthetic. She draws inspiration from a variety of styles, periods, and mediums including photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic and industrial design. A Bande des Quatres piece is not only made to order but represents a rich history influenced by the Bauhaus masters, world renowned architects and abstract photographers. Quality and old school craftsmanship play an essential role in what sets Bande des Quatres apart.”

True to their statement, their pieces are very clean and sculptural. This Wolfgang bracelet has a sandblasted sterling silver top piece, with oxidized silver wire on the bottom. It is custom-made in one size, which measures 2.25 inches across. It sells for Cdn $485.

Bande de Quatres Wolfgang bracelet



Jewel of the day: Katie Diamond Thea Ring

I’m a fan of unusual shapes and settings when it comes to diamond rings, and like the side set, trapezoid shape of this diamond ring by the aptly named Katie Diamond. She specializes in bridal jewellery but I think this is a very wearable ring for anyone, really, and it would be a shame to restrict it to the affianced only.

This ring is sold on the Ylang23 site (and presumably in their Dallas store, which I encourage you to visit if you are in that city; they are located in The Plaza at Preston Center). Their “about” page on the designer notes, “Katie Diamond has mastered the art of jewelry making with exceptional precision and talent. Her exquisite collection features pieces cast in 14 karat yellow, rose and white gold, accented with unique types and cuts of diamonds and colored stones. Katie attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and had a jewelry collection from 2003 – 2005 before starting a family, but once her son, Nate, was born, she sold her share of the business in order to stay at home and focus on being a mother. During that time, her friends began asking her to design engagement rings and custom pieces for weddings, anniversaries, and special birthday gifts. In 2007 she launched Katie Diamond Jewelry. What started as a mere hobby creating custom engagement rings blossomed into a successful and distinctive jewelry collection.”

There are no specifics on the size or specs of the centre diamond in this ring; contact Ylang23 if you have questions. The ring sells for USD $2620.

Katie Diamond Thea Ring

Jewel of the day: Amulette de Cartier

I came across an ad for this Amulette de Cartier necklace in a magazine, and was intrigued about the way it opens to, well … I’m not quite sure why it opens? The Cartier website offers a floral bouquet of marketing verbiage to tell you that it’s all luck related: Amulette de Cartier, an enchanting collection of precious bejeweled lucky pieces. Immersed with lightness and dreams, these precious talismans caress the skin. The contrast of materials unites the simplicity and elegance of its polished curves. The onyx or the white mother-of-pearl shine and focus the light of the diamond. The jewel closes like a padlock to hold luck and unlock your wishes.”

The piece shown below (it comes in several different metal and stone versions) is .27 total weight white diamond set into 18k white gold. The site says price is available upon request, which always makes me believe it’s more than I can afford.

Amulette de Cartier necklace


Jewel of the day: Ambush x Colette Happy Pill Necklace

When the pill form was first used as an ornament, it raised eyebrows. Used today it’s outlived its shock value and lives up to the name of this piece : Happy Pill Necklace.

Made as a collaboration between the brand Ambush and the Paris store Colette, it is made of resin and metal (likely silver plated). The charms are pill capsules in blue and white, and small amulets, centred at the bottom with a stylized happy face. Emoji jewellery, here you go. There are matching pill earrings in case this is either too little or too much for you.

Available from Colette for €205.

Ambush x Colette Happy Pill Necklace


Jewel of the day: Marja Germans Gard 14K Gold Teensy Cup Studs

Earrings are a great way to let loose – you can be a little more gypsy wild in your earring attire than perhaps you would be comfortable with in a ring or necklace. Earrings can also be held to “jewellery box conventions” like, you must own a pair of diamond or pearl stud earrings – classics. But classics are reimagined all the time, and these interesting cup shaped stud earrings by Marja Germans Gard have a tiny bit of “let loose” combined with a little bit of classic.

They measure a petite 1/4 inch in diameter and are available in either 14k yellow or rose recycled gold.  The metal has been hand hammered with the interior of each polished to a high shine.

Available for USD $124 from Giving Tree Jewelry.

Marja Germans Gard Teensy Cup Stud Earrings

Jewel of the day: Brent & Jess Fingerprint Wedding Ring

I have to admit I’m not sure if I find the idea of your beloved’s fingerprint embedded in your wedding band to be charming or creepy. Brent & Jess offer a variety of designs which incorporate a fingerprint (here, it is shown on the inside of the band, but they also offer several rings where the whorls of the print form an intrinsic part of the exterior finish and design of the band).

There are all kinds of techniques that incorporate a part of your beloved, often literally. The hair jewellery so popular in Victorian times is one of the best-known examples. A fingerprint does bring the essence of your loved one to you and keeps it close as part of a piece of sentimental jewellery. But maybe I’ve just watched too many CSI-type crimes shows … it makes me think it caters to slightly stalkerish behaviour.

This particular ring is in sterling silver and sells for USD $225. There are many more designs and personalization options on the jewellers’ site.

Brent and Jess Fingerprint ring


Jewel of the day: Cold Picnic Omega Cuff

Cold Picnic is a New York-based collaboration between Phoebe and Peter (no last names given). They make each piece by hand, using found objects and building materials. Pieces are assembled in Brooklyn and metal jewelry is case in Manhattan.

Many of their pieces have a rough hewn look, but it’s proportionate to the size and scale of the piece. This Omega cuff bracelet is cast in brass or white bronze, with a one inch opening; not sure if there is plating.

It sells for USD $231.

Cold Picnic Omega Cuff

Jewel of the day: Workhorse Jewelry Altaira Ring

Based in Los Angeles, Workhorse Jewelry is a fine jewellery collaboration between the brand Zoë Chicco and Archive Jewelry, with vintage styling as its inspiration.

This ring, dubbed Altaira, is made with two white 7 mm cultured pearls set in oxidized sterling silver in a claw shape. As for vintage-inspired, the claw was a beloved motif in Victorian times (remember claw-footed furniture?) and it’s certainly a well-used way of holding a stone in a setting. Though in their description of the ring, Workhorse explains, “Pearls, sometimes called “teardrops of the moon”, are lunar symbols commonly associated with water & woman.  Show off your feminine side and your animal instinct with this powerful ring.”

This piece sells for USD $176.

Workhorse Pearl Ring

Jewel of the day: Marita Dingus Earrings

Washington-state based Marita Dingus uses found and reclaimed objects for her jewelry, sculpture and art. These earrings are described as being made of mixed media, with stainless steel ear wires.

Dingus’s work is both joyful and funky, and you can see a range of other pieces at Facere Jewelry Art Gallery.

These earrings sell for USD $99.

Marita Dingus face earrings

Jewel of the day: Stanmore Claire Necklace

After the seemingly endless winter and frustratingly cold spring we’ve been having (may it be better where you are), this necklace is a sunny delight.

By Stanmore and dubbed the Claire necklace, it is made with pieces of  dendritic agate and mojave yellow turquoise, set in 14k gold plated metal, on a brass metal snake chain. It measures 20 inches and sells for USD $240.

Stanmore is designer Catherine Alexander.  From Washington DC, she studied at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and then worked in production for independent movies and television shows, she ventured into fashion photography and then prop styling, which led her to jewelry making. Alexander notes that she makes every piece is made by hand using waxwork, metalwork, silversmithing and in some cases, 3D CAD design. All of the metal casting and production is done in New York City but all other materials are sourced from all over the world.

In addition, she notes that the inspiration for the pieces in her spring-summer 2014 collection, including this one, is “the Egyptian Revival Movement of the 1920’s and the Post-Punk movements of the 80’s; freedom movements that celebrated a reaction to traditionalism with bold, assertive shapes and eye-catching colors.  Muted brights, clean neutrals and simple shapes accentuate the innate beauty of the materials used.”
Stanmore Claire Necklace

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