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Jewel of the day: Ana Khouri Jane Pearl and Gold Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs have been around for a long time, some more ornate than others. This one, made by Ana Khouri with 18k yellow gold set with three cultured pearls, gives the illusion of having multiple piercings but actually requiring none. The pearls actually appear to float on the ear, which is kind of cool.

The earrings fits along the curve of the outer ear, and is held in place at the bottom with a tiny clip mechanism. It measures about 2.5 inches and sells for USD $2900 at Barneys.

Ana Khouri Jane Ear Cuff 1

Ana Khouri Jane Ear Cuff 2



Jewel of the day: Bulgari Serpenti Diamond Ring

Bulgari’s Serpenti collection allows you to snuggle up to snakes in many forms: necklaces, watches, and this ring.

It’s a bit of a mysterious piece, at least on the Bulgari website. It isn’t available to purchase online, and there is no price and scant info about the materials, other than “18k white gold and full pave diamonds.” Carat weight, clarity, blah, blah, blah, I guess. However, the US Bulgari site lists the price as USD $13,700. (And they will let you order online – so there.) Get your snake on, baby.

Anyhow, it sure is pretty and will give you maximum serpent and sparkle impact.

Bulgari Serpenti Ring Serpenti

Jewel of the day: Aranaz Large Tejido Cuff Bracelet

Designer Amina Aranaz marries Milanese style with Filipino materials. This Large Tejido Cuff bracelet is made with base metal plated with 24k yellow gold, and features an open back for easy sizing., which sells her jewelry and handbags, offers more information about her influences and style.

This piece sells for USD $279.

Aranaz Large Tejido Cuff

Jewel of the day: Chanel 1932 Diamond and Pearl Necklace

Chanel is probably better known for its vast costume jewellery offerings than for fine jewellery pieces. But they are out there, mostly reissues of early designs.

This Chanel necklace, set with diamonds and pearls, is named the 1932. The site doesn’t offer much in the way of details (no pricing, for example) other than 18k white gold, diamonds and white South Sea pearls, and that this is the medium size and a larger one is available.

Chanel 1932 necklace


Jewel of the day: Clara Saldarriaga Silver Orchid Earrings

I love orchids but they don’t really love me back. Though my big claim to fame was actually getting one of those $20 supermarket orchids to actually bloom after the initial flower had died. Bloomed once. But hey … I consider it a huge accomplishment!

If you love orchids, these sterling silver earrings by Clara Saldarriaga can give you their delicate blooms year round with no fear of imminent plant mortality. These are hand-made in Colombia and measure 1.5 mm. They sell for USD $299.

Clara Saldarriaga Silver Orchid Earrings

Jewel of the day: Sophie Bille Brahe Diamond and Gold Ring

Sophie Bille Brahe takes a fairly minimalist approach to her designs. She describes herself as, “inspired by the reflections in precious stones and gold, the main theme of which includes poetic elements, innovation, the unexplained and her admiration for her Scandinavian design heritage. Over the last few years, Sophie has created a number of showpieces for international designers. Beside her collection Sophie creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces sold solely to selected clients.”

This .69 carat diamond and 18k yellow gold ring has a snappy little tail that extends to the top of the neighbouring finger. It’s an unexpected element that gives this simple piece added visual appeal. It sells for USD $6,500 at Net-A-Porter.

Sophie Bille Brahe ring 1

Sophie Bille Brahe ring 2


Jewel of the day: Lauren X Khoo Sapphire Star Bracelet

Again, here is a piece that has the insouciance of costume jewellery but is most definitely real. Witness the €22,000 price tag.

That’s because it’s set with nearly 22 carats of multicoloured sapphires, set in 18k white gold.

Designer Lauren Khoo was, according to the Colette web site, “Born in Singapore to a Chinese family, designer Lauren Khoo lives between New York and Hong Kong. After studying, art and architecture, she earned a gemologist and goldsmith degree and before finally launching her eponymous label. Lauren’s lifelong love of fine and intricate handcrafted jewelry was cultivated as a child during time spent with her grandmother, an avid jewelry collector. Her jewelry is about timeless evocative design, impeccable artisanship, creativity, originality and dedication to perfection. Her creations aim to combine the freshness and energy of the contemporary with the elegance of classics.”

Available from Colette Paris, it. (If ordering from outside the European Union, the VAT refund brings the price down to €18,750.)

Lauren X Khoo bracelet

Jewel of the day: Aaron Basha Ladybug Bracelet

I hate insects – they really creep me out. But there is something sweet about ladybugs, so they are not included in my irrational fear.

Ladybugs are also thought to bring good luck in many countries, particularly Austria and Germany (lots of marzipan ladybugs, and representations of ladybugs in jewellery).

Here, Aaron Basha, well known for his baby shoe jewellery charms, offers an 18k yellow gold and red enamel ladybug bracelet, accented with diamonds. It sells for USD $11,200.

Aaron Basha ladybug bracelet


Jewel of the day: Fernando Jorge Electric Opal and Diamond Shock Ring

I don’t know why designer Fernando Jorge has decided to call this his Electric Opal and Diamond Shock Ring. Though the price is somewhat alarming…

This ring features opals and 1.7 carats of diamonds, set in 18k white gold. It sells for USD $15,450.

Fernando Jorge Opal and Diamond Shock Ring

Fernando Jorge Electric Opal and Diamond shock ring 2

Jewel of the day: Maha Mala Garnet Aksh Mala

This mala bead bracelet can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Offered by Maha Mala, it is made with wooden rudraksa beads, (see a swankier version by Carlos Souza here) garnets and tourmaline, with a red silk tassel. It is strung on elastic.

Made of seeds from rudraksa (or rudraksha) trees, these beads are believed by Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists to offer enlightenment and various forms of protection.

This one sells for USD $49.

Maha Mala Garnet Aksh Mala

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