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Jewel of the day: George Chakiris Love and Hope Sculpted Ring

I stumble upon jewellery via the most unlikely paths. Last week, I was watching a video on The Hollywood Reporter online in which Rita Moreno and George Chakiris, both of whom won Academy Awards for their roles in West Side Story as boyfriend and girlfriend Anita and Bernardo, reminisced about that Oscars night. Rita Moreno went on to a fairly storied Broadway career, with film and TV appearances as well, but I knew less about what Chakiris had been up to post-West Side Story.

So I did a little bit of searching. He worked pretty steadily, which I hadn’t been aware of, but to my greater surprise, late in life he took up a career as a jewellery designer. (He also looks pretty darned fantastic for someone who will be 79 in September. And Moreno looks amazing for her 81 years.) The pieces are simple and evocative, and remind me a bit of the forms used by Elsa Peretti.

Here is Chakiris’s Love and Hope ring in sterling silver; it sells for USD $175. About it, he notes, “Love and hope on the hand are reminders to count our blessings and cherish those we love.” Amen.

George Chakiris Love and Hope Ring


Jewel of the day: Chopard Imperiale Pendant

Chopard has had some impressive celebrity endorsements of late (still salivating over those opal earrings Cate Blanchett wore to this year’s Academy Awards)  and has moved away from being known solely for its floating “Happy Diamonds” designs…. though they still have plenty of those if that’s what you like.

This pendant is set in oh so trendy rose gold (18k) on a matching chain, and features a cushion cut amethyst set behind a gold filigree screen. It appears from the site that the reverse is identical to the face of the pendant. It sells for USD $4,160.

Chopard Imperiale Pendant


Jewel of the day: Samsung Gear Fit

This bracelet/watch/fitness monitor by Samsung is described by them as wearable tech. It’s made to look like a piece of jewellery, but is meant to track workouts, fitness and heart rate (hey, and it tells time too, for those of us oldie oddities who still like to wear a watch instead of checking the time on our phones). There are even interchangeable coloured bands available.

I’m not sure I want my jewellery to inform me just how much of a sloth I am, but if you need to know, it sells for USD $199.

Samsung Gear Fit

Jewel of the day: Fortune & Frame Jagged Fortune Holding Locket

I like designer Fortune & Frame’s story about the evolution of this piece almost as much as the piece itself:

You can’t force a thing to work when it’s not supposed to. I spent a year trying to figure out how to make the locket open with a key. While I didn’t go down without a fight, I’ve got a pile of rejected designs that say it just wasn’t in the stars.

A thing must reveal itself on its own terms. Once I stopped telling it what I wanted it to be, it told me what it actually was.

Being vulnerable is hard when you’ve got a guard up. I built up the jagged fortress, leaving the fortune only barely discernible. I hammered the exterior to give it a more complex texture. And I introduced the spiked edges to make it appear far more threatening than it actually is. Keep out. (But, please, come in.)

Also intriguing is the story behind the line’s founding: Fortune & Frame is a New York City-based line of jewelry, frames, and other things that hold fortunes. Founded by designer Gretel Going, the original concept came about two years ago when she came across an insightful fortune, shoved it behind a refrigerator magnet, and forgot about it. When the fortune kept falling on the floor, an idea was born. The resulting line relies on jewelry and accessories to bridge the gap between the value people place on fortunes and the lack of dedicated places to keep them.

This piece, made of sterling silver and watch crystal, and with a 30 inch chain, sells for a most reasonable USD $265.

Fortune and Frame 1

Fortune and Frame2

Fortune and Frame3

Jewel of the day: Aurelie Bidermann Enameled Gingko Leaf Earrings

These bright, colourful earrings just say warm weather to me.  So even if it isn’t summer now in your part of the world, they’re a nice visual dose of sunny cheer.

By Aurelie Bidermann, they are enamel over silver plate in the form of a gingko leaf and measure 3 inches/7.5 cm long. They sell for USD $975.

Aurelie Bidermann Enameled Gingko Leaf Earrings

Jewel of the day: Vince Camuto Leather Lace Hoop Earrings

I read the words “leather lace” and now have an ear worm of Stevie Nicks warbling “Leather and Lace.” Thanks for nothing, Vince Camuto.

These earrings are actually quite pretty, with suede wrapped metal and a single gold bead to add a little bit of shine. The web site doesn’t specify the size or the metal (assuming base metal) but they sell for USD $48.

Take it away, Stevie.

Vince Camuto Leather Lace Earrings

Jewel of the day: Claude Thibaudeau Opal and Diamond Ring

Montreal-based Claude Thibaudeau continues a jewellery business begun in 1872 by his forebear Ulric. It’s worth reading the company’s “about” page because so many generations of the family continued the design tradition (under different names and in different locations), which is uncommon and intriguing.

This one-of-a-kind ring features an 18k yellow gold and platinum setting, the star of which is a 16.5 carat opal accented with .21 carats of white diamonds. The site also features an array of bridal jewellery.

Claude Thibaudeau Opal Ring


Jewel of the day: Nanz Aalund Two Finger Wedding Ring

Rings that sit between the fingers are super popular today and are available in costume jewellery and from fine jewellers like Van Cleef & Arpels. This exemplar, by art jeweller Nanz Aalund, is made with a platinum/silver alloy that appears to be hand hammered, and has a strip of 24k yellow gold spanning the top, set with a .01 carat diamond in the centre.  The ring was featured in the book “500 Wedding Rings.”

For more information you can contact Aalund, who is based in Bellingham, Washington, here.

Nanz Aalund Two Finger Wedding Ring



Jewel of the day: Maison Dauphin Rose Gold and Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Love this stunning “caged” cuff bracelet by French designer Maison Dauphin. It is made with rose gold and diamonds (also available in other materials). Being the klutz that I am, I am sure that I would bang this lovely piece, with it’s raised arcs, against something entirely unsympathetic to its shape.

Alas, the site is full of pretty pictures but short on details. If you want to know more (like price, materials, diamond weight), you will have to get in touch with the company. (The site is also rather short on contact details, or I would have included them here. But after some sleuthing, apparently you can try them at Sure is nice eye candy, though.

Maison Dauphin1

Maison Dauphin2



Jewel of the day: Selin Kent Black Nico Ring with Black Diamonds

I got a little chuckle out of the fact that this ring is in a category called “uptown punk” …. doesn’t one kinda sorta negate the other?

This ring by Selin Kent is made of 14K black rhodium plated white gold set with a vertical line of 0.1 ct black diamonds. It’s also described as architectural.

Regardless of the hyperbole, it’s a simple design that is sleek and sophisticated. It can be yours for USD $1250 from Visible Interest, which specializes in modern jewellery.

Selin Kent Black Nico Ring

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