Jewel of the day: Krysos + Chandi Trikona Ring

It’s always interesting to see old forms worn in new ways. I’m not sure how comfortable I would be wearing rings on the first joint of my finger, but they do look intriguing, especially stacked as they are here.

This triangle form is designed by Krysos + Chandi; here, it is rhodium plated. They are sized to be worn the conventional way at the base of the finger, but the way they are shown on the model is intriguing.

This is sterling silver and rhodium plated and sells for USD $135.

Krysos + Chandi Trikona ring 1

Krysos + Chandi Trikona Ring 2

10 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Krysos + Chandi Trikona Ring

    1. It does! I have never tried to wear a ring this way but hey, first time for everything! Also eliminates the need for resizing on a ring you like that isn’t large enough (especially designs like this that can’t be resized!)

  1. I’m just not a fan of white rhodium. I like the honest approach to metal in general. Annie Fensterstock’s white gold, for instance, is bare white metal which mellows with age like silver and platinum. The coatings just get too fake looking for my taste. That said…the black and brown rhodiums are guilty pleasures–lol.

    1. I think plating can be ok … sometimes if it’s too shiny, it detracts from the overall look of a piece. Really depends on the style, and the intent of the designer…

  2. I love this ring, and agree the way the model wears is really intriguing, I’ve seen this a lot recently but it’s something I just can’t recreate, I have all on getting rings sized to fit my tiny fingers as it is! I like the effect of stacking them too, I always think of very narrow rings when it comes to stacking but this would work brilliantly.

    1. Well, wearing rings like that definitely means you have more hand “real estate” for jewellery .. that is always a good thing.

      1. I love the fresh comments about jewelry here–such fun. It’s good to know people have imaginations. I’m beginning a small venture in unique silver and gold, combined with vintage, It’s not a plug, and it’s not exactly what I’ve been seeing here. In the retail end for years, I am familiar, or know personally, many of the important collections adn designers. I ‘m excited to see where the definition of jewelry goes next. I believe there is room in the world to be different. Comments? Btw, love love the “real estate” post. I haven’t much room there, but I wear multiples all the time in hopes that I may one day….

  3. 🙂 I think anything that causes people to take a fresh look at jewellery and wear it in a different way is a good thing!

  4. I think more can definitely be more … it depends how it’s combined and the attitude with which it’s worn. Just like sometimes a single piece can also be all wrong, depending on the wearer.

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