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Jewel of the day: Ann Taylor Modern Classic Cutout Leather Cuff

As mall stores go, I find that Ann Taylor often has seasonal jewelry pieces that are better made and priced than their competition. This cuff, made of base metal and applied coloured leather, is a great mix of textures and finishes, and uses the open spaces well.

It sells for USD $69.50.

Anne Taylor Modern Classic Cutout Leathr Cuff


Jewel of the day: Artifacts Jewelry Innes Earrings

Artifacts is the work of emerging Canadian designer Alora Arnold. Trained at Toronto’s Ryerson University, she now makes her home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her “about” page notes, Artifacts draws inspiration from the natural world. The line features semi-precious stones, bone, antler, and raw brass chain. The use of natural materials assures that each piece is unique to its wearer. Each Artifact is handcrafted in Canada with love, and we place emphasis on handmade details and the story behind the items. Like our customers, each piece is unique and an exact replica will never exist. Artifacts products are often named after landmarks and ghost towns based in Saskatchewan and Canada.

These earrings are made with raw brass chain and turquoise drops, and sell for $24 (not sure whether this is Canadian or US currency.)

Artifacts Jewelry Innes Earrings


Jewel of the day: James Banks Gloss Swallowtail Butterfly Necklace

This lovely pendant necklace by James Banks uses a number of Japanese metal techniques, to stunning effect.

It is made of platinum, 18K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, shakudo, shibuichi, brass, copper and rubies, suspended on an 18K chain. Shakudo is a gold/copper allow, composed of  4–10% gold and 96–90% copper; it can be lacquered to present a blue patina. Shibuichi is an alloy of one part silver to three parts copper which presents a silvery gray patina when treated. I love the colours, the delicacy and the movement of this piece.

It sells for USD $8000 at Los Angeles’s Roseark, which also has other designs by Banks in the same vein for less.

James Banks Butterfly 1

James Banks Butterfly2

James Banks Butterfly3

Jewel of the day: Anne Fischer Virgil Cufflinks

Part of the current exhibition at Facere Jewelry Art in Seattle (theme is Tilling Time/Telling Time), are these cufflinks by Anne Fischer. The exhibit’s theme is, “exploring told tales and times past. The exhibition is in conjunction with the launch of Karen Lorene’s newest novel of the same name and theme.”

Crafted in sterling silver, they beast the motto, “”Lighthearted they sailed the white-capped sea.” They are priced at USD $731 and, as of this writing, were as yet unsold.

Anne Fischer cufflinks


Jewel of the day: Tiffany T Wire Ring

Tiffany has introduced new designs, aptly named the T Collection and the brainchild of their design director Francesca Amphiteatrof. The pieces run the gamut from narrow bangles in silver or gold, to link bracelets in the same metals.

This ring, called the T Wire Ring, is available in 18k white, yellow or rose gold, and is set with diamonds. Tiffany does not indicate the total diamond weight. It sells for USD $1,500. I’ve heard that these pieces are not necessarily solid gold so for something like this, which could be worn every day and take some abuse, it might be worth confirming with Tiffany exactly how they are constructed.

Tiffany T Ring

Jewel of the day: Stolen Sceptre Ancient Tablet Toggle Bracelet

Stolen Sceptre has a novel approach to jewellery. Designer Chris Garrett believes in the talismanic power of jewellery not only to heal, but to reclaim something lost or taken from the wearer. To wit:  STOLEN SCEPTRE can mean different things to each wearer.  In general, it refers to something very special which was lost or taken, something life altering.  It could mean the loss of a physical thing (an object, a fortune, a beloved friend, a cherished lover), or of intangibles, things we understand but others may not.  Perhaps it involves an obstacle… an illness, sobriety or a goal yet to be completed.  Great loss can be very sad, but it can also serve to strengthen our spirits, one of life’s most rewarding triumphs.  Wearing a token from the STOLEN SCEPTRE collection is a remembrance of where you, the wearer, have been and how far you have come.  It is a personal celebration, a reward.  Though it can be given to you or by you,  it is an intimate token, amulet or charm to remind each of us of the great power drawn from perseverance.  GRIN AND WEAR IT!

He describes his Ancient Tablet Toggle bracelet this way: Broken free from any chains lately? This hip bracelet has text found on a Christian relic, which was expertly replicated and cast from recycled sterling silver. Possibly early Greek or Cuneiform….  Heavy tablet was welded to strands of vintage silver chains to construct this one of a kind unisex bracelet.  Sturdy toggle closure.  Tablet measures about 1 inch wide.  Fits 8 inch wrists, but it may be custom sized upon request (fees would apply).

The piece costs USD $1,195.

Stolen Sceptre Tablet bracelet

Dread Carpet: Emmys 2014 … still dreadful

I love Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks – her hair, her slightly retro and in your face design sense. But this …. eh.

Dress by Marchesa (would love to hear the Project Runway judges dissect the lace doily on the side and the pageant look of the one shoulder thing), and jewels by Neil Lane. Those are some door knocker earrings – yay for earrings! Boo for those earrings with that dress! And there is also apparently a pair of bracelets of some size I haven’t been able to really make out. Probably for the best.

So yeah … either the doily thing … or the earrings … or the bracelets … or maybe black.

Yeah, that’s it. Black.

Christina Hendricks Emmys 2014

Dread Carpet: Emmys 2014

So no big surprise on the d/red carpet tonight: some pretty, tasteful dresses (these ain’t the VMAs, people) but what jewellery there is is tiny teeny respectable.

Sad. Boring. Predictable.

But thanks, Mayim Bialik, for at least trying. She is wearing an Erickson Beamon costume piece … it goes with her outfit, it flatters her and hey, although it’s little mother of the bar mitzvah boy, it works.

Mayim Bialik Emmys 2014


Jewel of the day: Bottega Veneta Oro Rosa Rock Crystal Bracelet

A few years back, Bottega Veneta decided not to put any of their seasonal jewellery on sale. I am not sure if they have held firm on this, or if they just quietly ship the stuff that doesn’t sell to their outlet stores. None of which are anywhere near me, alas.

Many of their pieces play on the woven and braided leather in their bags. At the end of the day though, it can be hard to justify some of the prices, especially when comparing to designers whose primary work is sterling silver and/or jewellery.

This Oro Rosa Rock Crystal Burnished Silver Bracelet (its formal BV name) is a case in point. It’s a beautiful design and well executed; there is a matching necklace (though I wouldn’t wear both at the same time – way too matchy matchy.) BV describes the piece this way: luxuriously crafted in burnished silver, this distinctive bracelet has been given a sophisticated finish by the silver-set rock crystal lenses, meticulously hand-plated in shimmering pink gold and silver. A discreet hinge on the band opens and secures the piece to the wrist.

Again, a lovely piece. I just don’t have enough lust for it to justify the USD $2,550 price tag.

Bottega Veneta Oro Rosa Rock Crystal Bracelet

Not an awards post, but a True Blood appreciation

As you may know, True Blood is about to wrap up its run on HBO tonight. I was a die hard fan for the first three seasons and then it all got kind of epic crazy (faeries, werewolves and vampires … is a lot of otherworldly creatures and bodily fluids…)

The MTV VMA Awards are on as I write this and I idly scanned the red carpet. The only interesting … thing? … was Amber Rose wearing pretty much nothing but a chain cover up over a thong and a bra. Amber has swag and she can pull that off, but that’s as close to interesting “accessorizing” as I saw.

But while web surfing, I did spot a cool video on The Hollywood Reporter’s site about where their costume designer shopped for the jewellery (and some costumes) worn during the show. Enjoy while you brace yourself for the likely dearth of anything sparkly or interesting on tomorrow’s Emmy red carpet.

True Blood costume designer


Click below to see the video:


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