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Jewel of the day: Runa Star Chain Bracelet

I can see wearing this elaborate hand ornament (rings? bracelet?) from Runa as a red carpet statement piece. I’m quite taken with it – it’s totally impractical but oddly compelling. Runa does quirky designs, like this skeleton ring. Interesting.

It’s made with 14k rose and blackened gold set with diamonds in small stars scattered all over the back of the wearer’s hand. Fittingly, it’s available at LA’s Roseark for USD $10,120. Sparkle on.

Runa Finger Bracelet



Jewel of the day: Ashley Pittman Kundi Multi-Stone Light Horn Cuff Bracelet

Horn is a really interesting jewellery material – it’s light, malleable, and lends itself to a lot of designs. Case in point: this bracelet by Ashley Pittman, set with emerald, sapphire, pink tourmaline, amethyst, turquoise, and ruby in brass bezels. This collection uses natural horn carved by a women’s cooperative, fair-trade semi-precious gemstones, bronze and other materials indigenous to East Africa.

It’s available from Bergdorf Goodman and also comes in dark horn and different widths. This one sells for USD $1,350.

Ashley Pittman Multi Stone Horn Cuff



Jewel of the day: Scosha Sagittarius Ring

Instead of using the astrological symbols, Australian designer Scosha is using the constellations. Here, using gold, silver and diamonds, is a very cool and rather pleasingly chunky ring.

The site notes, “Fueled by Fire and ruled by Jupiter, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are often the most optimistic. On a quest in making the impossible possible, the Archer is a free-spirited individual, continuously seeking new cultures and happiest while on the move. Freedom-loving and honest, Sagittarians are often the most big-hearted signs of the zodiac. Pair it with a matching necklace for the ultimate SUPERNOVA.”

This ring is USD $745; it is also available in solid gold or solid sterling silver, and in pendant form. If someone would like to send one my way, I’m a Virgo, but in honour of this month, happy birthday Sag!

Scosha Sagittarius Ring

Jewel of the day: Lionette by Noa Sade Le Marais Bracelet

I’m not sure how much this bracelet by Noa Sade reminds me of Paris’s Marais district but designer the site selling it, AHALife, contends that, “the Le Marais bracelet looks like modern French lace, adding a touch of femininity to your look.” It actually looks a bit steampunk to me … but regardless of what you want to call it, it’s a cool take on the bracelet form.

It’s made with brass set with Swarovski crystals and measures 2.0 inches wide x 7.0 inches long (not sure why they are using width and length when circumference might be a nicer measure?). It sells for USD $278.

Lionette Marais Bracelet

Jewel of the day: Estelle Dévé Hummingbird Necklace

I’ve been fortunate enough to see real hummingbirds and they are lovely and wonderful to watch. Sometimes it’s all we as humans can do to run in place, but watching those tiny birds hovering above a flower with their wings going at full tilt boogie is a reminder that it’s definitely possible!

This necklace by Estelle Dévé channels the spirit of the birds with the wing form in plated pewter, with Swarovski crystal black pearls. It sells for £265.

Estelle Deve Hummingbird necklace

Jewel of the day: Pascale Monvoisin Seven Cuff Bracelet

I tried on the silver version of this cuff bracelet by Pascale Monvoisin, available at Club Monaco. I think it’s meant to be worn rather high on the forearm, which wasn’t very comfortable for me. Both the silver and gold versions are made of brass (this one is gold plated) and set with resin “crystals.” The design philosophy: with inspirations ranging from 1970s New York to the coasts of Africa, Pascale Monvoisin jewelry encapsulates true wanderlust spirit fused with edge and grit.

I didn’t know the price at the time – Cdn $349 – so it’s just as well that I passed because that is a hefty chunk of change for this.

Pascal Monvoisin Seven Cuff


Jewel of the day: Art Institute of Chicago Colored Quartz Necklace

Love that this necklace looks like Jolly Rancher candies – so cheerful!

I love browsing museum gift shops online – lots of interesting finds and it’s all available through mail order. This is from the shop at the Art Institute of Chicago and looks much more expensive than it is – USD $110, or $99 for museum members. It measures 21 inches and is composed of triangular pieces of quartz.

Chicago Art Institute Quartz necklace


Jewel of the day: Sylva & Cie Ten Table ID Bracelet

There’s something very charming about the classic ID bracelet. Here, it’s rendered in 18k yellow gold, sterling silver, and black and white diamonds by Sylva & Cie. Diamond weight is .75 CTW for the white ones and .70 CTW for the black ones. Not a huge fan of the lobster clasp, but with a piece like this, it fits well enough.

This sells for USD $11,250.

Sylva & Cie Ten Table ID bracelet


Jewel of the day: Taffin Ring

For your visual entertainment, what I believe is a ring from designer James Taffin de Givenchy. When I received an email that his site had been redesigned, I was curious to see if it was now actually more functional. I recall it being a vaguely artistic assemblage of Taffin pieces with very little information. Well, now there is absolutely no information at all. On the jewellery, that is. There is a detailed biography, and links to social media, press and a contact page, where you are invited to call to arrange a visit to the showroom. Maybe it’s just me, but I would at least like to know the materials of a piece I am considering buying before asking for an in-person visit to a showroom, where it’s a safe bet you have now created the expectation that you will buy.

I remain baffled as to why some jewellers will create a website that offers absolutely nothing in the way of information for potential buyers. Yes, this is expensive jewellery and it’s safe to assume that Taffin probably feels it should be bought in the same way as art. But even art galleries will post the canvas size, materials used, and some history of the piece. Otherwise, all you are looking at is pictures and where jewellery is concerned, sometimes you aren’t even sure what it is you’re looking at. I believe this is a ring. If you would like to arrange a visit, the contact information is here.

Taffin ring


Jewel of the day: Hermes Licol Earrings

Hermes has some very well-known design elements: the pointed, pyramid media shape; the chaine d’ancre link that is also used in earrings and bracelets; and the straps found on the Kelly and Birkin bags but also used in jewellery. So it’s a bit rarer to see these pared down designs, dubbed the Licol, which feature none of the above.

Of course, being Hermes, they are also rather pricey for sterling silver, at USD $1,150. Because …. Hermes.

Hermes Licol Earrings


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