Jewel of the day: Lulu Frost Dearest Earring

Maybe it’s because I am apparently very stodgy by wearing a matched pair of earrings, but I find the new trend of selling single earrings for hefty prices to be something of a cash grab. I do appreciate that many people either have only one ear pierced, or like to mix and match what they have …. but paying big bucks for a single earring doesn’t sit well with me.

Here, Lulu Frost works a very old theme, that of Victorian acrostic jewellery, where the first letter of stone spelled out a secret message. “Dearest” was popular – diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire and topaz or turquoise. (To keep things more contemporary, Frost also offers pieces with stones that spell out cool and hot.) I didn’t realize Frost worked in gold, but this is 18k yellow gold set with precious and semi-precious stones.

It’s a six week made to order piece, and sells for USD $1,375.

Lulu Frost Dearest Earring


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