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Jewel of the day: W. Britt Big Block Statement Necklace

Love the industrial/machine age look to this necklace by W. Britt. Despite its heft, it also conveys a nice sense of movement, with its hinged pieces. The company describes itself this way: “W. Britt draws from the complexity of urban environments—evaluating, refining and adapting these references, ultimately yielding a new perspective. Her debut collection, Assembly Line, is both physically and conceptually an ode to the process of creation. W. Britt seeks a balance between industrial edge and classic refinement. The result is a collection of striking pieces that make a subtle yet strong statement.”

Made with 18k gold plated metal and onyx finials, it sells for USD $1,250.

W Britt Big Statement Necklace


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One thought on “Jewel of the day: W. Britt Big Block Statement Necklace

  1. I like this one. The construction appears sound, and the flexibility is a plus. And, it’s an all around easy wear with most anything. “Go to” pieces are so important!

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