Jewel of the day: Patricia von Musulin Turquoise Bead Necklace

So on a recent trip to New York, this necklace happened. As I’ve previously posted, I’ve long wanted something from Patricia von Musulin, and I’ve seen this before at the MoMa Store in NY. It was a tossup between this, and a nearly identical piece (slightly different clasp) of matte black onyx beads with one polished white one. But … I had nothing in green, and this purchase was the result.

The clasp is really ingenious – one end fits smoothly into the other, as long as they are aligned so that the narrowest part of the clasp slides effortlessly into the other, and then gravity ensures it doesn’t open. Love it. And I’m pretty sure the black one will be coming home with me on my next trip.

This sells for USD $$425.00, $340.00 for museum members.

Von Musulin turquoise necklace


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