Jewel of the day: Abellan New York Pink Opal Necklace

One of the fun things about this time of year is that many magazines become tremendous jewellery eye candy. Dealers and designers pull out their most extravagant jewels and watches and it’s quite a treat to see, even if you aren’t in the market for a bauble that costs more than your house.

This necklace by Abellan New York is a pretty case in point. Their description, for your delectation: Outrageously bold necklace by Abellán New York. This object d’art features Amethyst (45.01 carats*), five strands of alternating Pink Opals and Pink Corals stationed by a decorated plate of emeralds (8.50 carats*), White Diamonds (3.47 carats*) average F in color VS to SI in clarity, Pink Tourmalines (3.40 carats*), all elegantly linked to gorgeous hand cut pear shaped amethysts accented by a Tahitian South Sea Pearl as a subtle and signature element of the Artist’s creation at the end of the necklace gracefully adding to the appeal of this masterpiece. The necklace ends with round amethyst beads.
Crafted in 750 (18K) white gold. Handmade in New York City. Signed by Artist.
Maker’s mark NY13022
Accompanied by
-Gemological Institute of America GIA Cultured Pearl Classification Report, number 2165549080, dated September 2, 2014, stating cultured, saltwater, natural color from the Pinctada Margaritifera mollusk which is found in the Tahitian string of Islands.
-Gemological Institute of America GIA Tourmaline Report, number 2165549073, dated August 27, 2014.

This can be yours for USD $88,900.

Abellan NY Pink Opal Necklace


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