Jewel of the day: Vintage Lacloche Diamond Bracelet

Welp, this is stunning. A vintage diamond and gem set bracelet by Lacloche, offered by collector Simon Teakle through the site Modus Operandi, it will set you back a cool USD $265,000. It’s also final sale, so be sure you or your intended recipient LOVE it.

The site notes, “Founded in Madrid in the late 19th century, Lacloche later moved to Paris where it became one of the world’s foremost names in fine jewelry. Now, renowned jewelry collector Simon Teakle now offers this diamond bracelet from the historic house, a piece dating back to the 1920s. A stunning combination of art deco and japanese influences, the diamonds are set in platinum to create a prismatic cherry blossom motif, a technical feat of wonder at the time of its creation with results just as awe-inspiring to this day. 7.25” Long; Diamonds 16.6 tcw”

Oddly, it says, “Made in New York” right after that, which is inconsistent with the description above. Details, details.

It does make me feel rather smug about a very similar sterling and cubic zirconia Jarin bracelet I have, and which I blogged about here.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but sometimes, anything sparkly will do!

Lacloche Art Deco Bracelet



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