Jewel of the day: Dan Taylor Ring Chain Bracelet

Industrial designer and jeweller Dan Taylor offer hand crafted sterling silver jewellery and objets. Here, an 8 inch (20 cm) bracelet with toggle closure. There is a matching necklace, which can be made to a custom length.

He notes, ”

Handmade chain in argentium sterling silver. The silver wire was hand-pulled to the desired thickness for the toggle and again for each ring. The joining pieces were made from hand-rolled silver sheet and each one was hand cut and finished.

There is a nice weight to the chain since it is solid, nothing hollow or cast, causing it to drape elegantly. It has a soft, smooth feel that is very comfortable to wear against the skin, or over a shirt or turtleneck. Custom made to order in a 8″ (20 cm) length. There are 10 links/rings, each one is .6″ (15 mm) across, plus the larger ring with the handmade toggle.”

It sells for $899.

Dan Taylor Small Hoop Bracelet



One thought on “Jewel of the day: Dan Taylor Ring Chain Bracelet

  1. Nice bracelet. Only one comment, however. Readers need to be aware of the trademark term “argentium.” Yes, the material is truly sterling silver. But, and here is the caveat, if you expect the kind of silver that gets a nice patina of dark to light, over time, this will not. I have an argentium bracelet by Stephen Webster, myself. I have to wear it with only other very shiny silver articles, as it never acquires a natural patination like most of my silver jewelry, even after years of wear. For instance, I have a lot of native American jewelry which is old. The two genres are just not compatible, and I don’t want to polish my very vintage pieces to the point where they appear new. Other than this cautionery addendum, I admire a truly hand made piece. For many, the use of argentium will be a revolution which they will appreciate for years of tarnish free wear. I am a throw back to another time….

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