Jewel of the day: Hermes Brides de Gala Neckpiece

Hermes is typically known for elegant restraint, the kind of expensive pieces that merely whisper your financial status but speak more boldly about your taste level. His latest collection is well, somewhat more outspoken.

Pierre Hardy has been designing their fine jewellery for some time, and past collections, like this one, draw on the horse and riding accoutrements. Other collections have taken items like whips and studded them with diamonds as a necklace, and were relatively simply designed.

This piece … is an amalgamation of various pieces of riding tack: bridle, a horse’s headpiece, nose band and throat latch. Hardy used gold, diamonds, leather and suede to compose the piece. As the whip necklace ran a cool €650,000 and was less complex, with fewer materials, expect this to be much higher in price.

As for the design, there is sure to be debate about whether or not it is tack or tacky. But like most things Hermes, it will probably find a happy buyer, if it hasn’t already been presented as a Christmas gift.

Hermes Brides de Gala necklace



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