Jewel of the day: GoldschmiedeKarbe Time Machine Silver Brooch

As much as the internet and technology may have created a more insular culture (spending hours staring at a smart phone or tablet or laptop screen) they have also allowed creative types to become masters of their own fates. Sites like Etsy and Ebay and others have certainly given designers an opportunity to create businesses on a smaller scale, true to their own design ethos where before, it would have meant a bricks and mortar (and very $$$) endeavour.

This interesting, almost steampunk brooch is made by Etsy seller GoldschmiedeKarbe. Master goldsmith Konrad Karbe shows some of his other work here.

He describes this piece this way: “From a small clockmovement I made an impression and Silvercast, then I made a pencil sketch with an elongated triangle in which the clockmovement was integrated, it created a good three-dimensionality, all I baptized then as a “time machine”.”

It sells for USD $333.09.

GoldschmiedeKarbe Brooch


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