Jewel of the day: Jana Brevick Everchanging Ring

This ring by Jana Brevick is number 4 in a series called The Everchanging Ring. It is made of forged and chased 24k yellow gold.

This piece actually represents a collaboration of sorts between Brevick and the buyer. She explains, “The Everchanging Ring is about metal. It is about pure gold and its ability to recycle 100% without losing its properties. Pure gold urges me to work with metal–the combination of treasure and lust, the beauty of working and reworking a metal so pliable while so strong; filled with history and awe.

The owner wears The Everchanging Ring for a time determined by the wearer and events in his or her life. Once the time is right for change, the ingot is returned to me to be melted then worked into a new ring. I attend to the maintenance of purity and weight, and keep my aesthetic tradition of gold that looks as though it has just been unearthed by a grave robber in the mountains of Colombia. Unlike the countless lost, squandered and melted treasures, the Everchanging Ring ages with an accompanying album that provides entries for five generations, with space for a photo and specifications of weight, size, date. The album is prefaced with a selective story of gold with history, magic, mining and science combined to give the owner some insight to why s/he loves and desires this metal.




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