Jewel of the day: Matt Cole Bowling Ball Bracelet

Looking for a fun accessory addition in these (mostly, depending where you are) dreary days of winter? And if you’re lucky enough to be someplace sunny and warm in January, this will fit right in.

Matt Cole says it best on his web site, so I’ll just use his description of these charming bracelets: “These balls you used to be able to bowl with, but now there way too small, and all they can do these days is look really good rolling around your wrist!

Let me think of something else to say about this bracelet. Hmmmm…..I know! This bracelet will “bowl you over!” No. That’s not original. I know! “Have a ball!” No. That’s just dumb.

How about this: this bracelet is made from bowling balls that have been saved from a practically eternal grave in a landfill! But now they’re so pretty!”

Pretty and affordable, they sell for USD $30 and come in a variety of colours.

Matt Cole bowling ball bracelet


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