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Jewel of the day: Hysteric Co. Medusa Bangle Bracelet

This delicate bracelet by Hysteric Co. uses entwined serpents to very nice effect, with one coiled around each end of this open bangle.

The piece is gold plated vermeil, set with Swarovski crystals, and sells for USD $128.

Hysteric Co. Medusa Bangle



Jewel of the day: Saint Vintage Betty Love Drops Earrings

Saint Vintage uses vintage jewellery as the inspiration to create something new. The creation of Paige Jansen-Nichol, this is how the company began: “Saint Vintage Founder and two-time cancer Survivor Paige Jansen-Nichols works tirelessly with her team to fund cancer research. Given a 20% chance of survival and more than one cancer diagnosis, she began blazing her fashionable and philanthropic trail in 2007. She has channeled her insistence for a cure for cancer and compassion for others into an eco-friendly luxury brand that gives back to cancer research.

Paige believes in recycling the past to help improve the future. Her desire is to unite our philanthropic spirit with our love of art, fashion and history with a company that truly cares.

The Saint Vintage jewelry collections are historically inspired. The antiquity and detail of every bead, charm, clasp and gem have been curated with the intention that someone will wear the piece and remember to live and love every day. After all, you could be wearing the piece that funds research for the cure to cancer.

Saint Vintage lives in the angelic nature of giving back. Join Paige and Saint Vintage in our fight for a cure for cancer.”

These pretty blue rhinestone earrings have a 1-1/4 inch drop and sell for USD $38.

Saint Vintage Betty Love Drops Earrings

Jewel of the day: Jennifer Meyer XO Jessica Alba Pave Ruby Heart Necklace

This ruby and 18k yellow gold necklace is a collaboration between Jennifer Meyer and Jessica Alba to benefit the AIDS charity RED.

It’s being sold on, which notes, “Every day, 650 babies are needlessly born with HIV. (RED)’s goal is to get this number to zero. Every purchase of a Jennifer Meyer xo Jessica Alba necklace brings us one BIG step closer to our goal. Each necklace, when sold, will trigger a donation to the Global Fund which can provide 9-27 months of lifesaving medication on the ground. Thus, each necklace, when sold, can literally help ensure that one less baby is born with HIV.

Each purchase of the 18k Yellow Gold Ruby Heart Necklace can provide over 27 months (or three full pregnancies) of lifesaving ARV medication to prevent an HIV+ pregnant woman from passing the virus to her unborn baby.

Net proceeds from each purchase shall be no less than approximately 40%-50% of the purchase price, and will go to the Global Fund in support of (RED). 18K yellow gold heart pendant necklace with .12 ct pave ruby details.”

This sells for USD $980 (a plain gold version is available for $280.)

Jennifer Meyer Jessica Alba Red pendant

Jewel of the day: Alor Noir Stingray Bangle Bracelet

I really love the texture of stingray pieces, so popular during the Art Deco period. This open cuff bracelet by Alor (formerly designing in a partnership with Philippe Charriol) is available in a few different iterations. This version is 18 karat white gold, stainless steel and black stainless steel with white stingray and 0.62 total carat weight diamonds.

It sells for USD $2,695.

Alor Stingray Cuff Bracelet

Jewel of the day: 40Nine Steel Ring

So say you like the Bulgari B-Zero ring but not its price tag? 40Nine has a rather similar looking design with its funnel ring, which they describe as “Stainless steel wide tunnel ring with contour PVD-coated matte finish and glossy sides.” It also comes gold plated around the centre, or all stainless steel.

This version sells for USD $49.

40Nine Steel Ring

Jewel of the day: Emily Gill Pink Lady Creature Pendant

Quebec-born and Nova Scotia trained Emily Gill works in Toronto to craft enamel and fine jewellery pieces. She descries her pink lady pendant this way: “If I could design a piece for every species on earth I suspected existed without our knowledge, they would land in my creature collection. Each of a different breed, and made one at a time, these unique pieces of sculptural jewellery show character, imagination and variety. Some incorporate pearls, gemstones, magnets, reclaimed electrical wire, sterling silver and gold. Where ever they came from, they are as unique as you are. Pink Lady Creature measures 4.5 x 6.5cm and hangs on a 22 ” string of fine seed pearls. She wears tiny pearl earrings.”

The pendant is available for CDN$350.

Emily Gill Enamel Creature pendant


Academy Awards 2015: Three stars for effort … and an undertaker

OK, take away one star from Scarlett Johanssen’s striperella green collar. I can’t tell if it’s part of her Versace gown or a cringe worthy addition. Or she thought they were doing a remake of Burlesque. Honey, don’t call them, they’ll call you. Maybe.

And … A for effort for Viola Davis but honey, that really doesn’t go with that neckline … shoulda been thinking choker or great earrings.

Viola Davis Academy Awards

Scarlett Johanssen

Kelly Preston sums up the state of the red carpet by wearing no jewellery. And John Travolta is wearing embalming fluid. Enjoy the Awards!

John Travolta


Academy Awards 2015: Gwyneth Paltrow does Cake Boss

Because I can think of no other reason for that egregious pink organza rose thing on her shoulder. And the one sleeve thing. It’s not edgy.

Points for the earrings (I’m thinking they are Stephen Webster but don’t know for sure); points deducted for the flower doily, pageant queen wannabe look.

Gwyneth Paltrow Oscars

Academy Awards 2015: Cate the not so great (this year)

I love Cate Blanchett (still dying over her opal Chopard earrings from last year) but this Tiffany turquoise necklace is not doing it for me now.

It doesn’t do much for the dress and frankly, it looks a bit too casual for the occasion, despite the profusion of strands an it seems like it’s wearing her. But hey, points for at least doing it!

Cate Blanchett Academy Awards 2015

Academy Awards 2015: Lupita Nyong’o … pearly queen

Ok, it’s pearls (even though they are on the dress) … and it’s custom Calvin Klein but it kinda looks like those toilet paper dolls or icing Barbie cakes, and the fit around the bust and neck is … eh. (I’m desperate for anything jewelry related at this point, a half hour til go time. The diamond necklace worn by Faith Hill doesn’t count, as it is too long for the deep plunging neckline and the pendant ends up somewhere around her navel. Fail.)

Lupita did so much better in the run up to the Oscars last year. At least now I know what her mother of the bar mitzvah boy look might be.


Lupita Nyongo Academy Awards

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