Academy Awards 2015: Lupita Nyong’o … pearly queen

Ok, it’s pearls (even though they are on the dress) … and it’s custom Calvin Klein but it kinda looks like those toilet paper dolls or icing Barbie cakes, and the fit around the bust and neck is … eh. (I’m desperate for anything jewelry related at this point, a half hour til go time. The diamond necklace worn by Faith Hill doesn’t count, as it is too long for the deep plunging neckline and the pendant ends up somewhere around her navel. Fail.)

Lupita did so much better in the run up to the Oscars last year. At least now I know what her mother of the bar mitzvah boy look might be.


Lupita Nyongo Academy Awards


4 thoughts on “Academy Awards 2015: Lupita Nyong’o … pearly queen

  1. Did you notice Cate Blanchett or the girl who plays Olivia Pope on scandal? Someone else had on beautiful diamond necklace.

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  2. I did see Zoe … but it looks like 50s prom queen and kind of disappears on her. She could have gone bolder, I think.

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