Jewel of the day: Shark Alley Hare Brooch

I think it’s safe to say that anyone in snowy climes is pretty much desperate for spring weather and some warmth at this point. I know I am. This pretty little brooch is very springlike; a resin hare with a tiny acrylic flower “tail” and Swarovski crystal “eye”.

Shark Alley is the creation of Sarah Kelly: All Shark Alley pieces are hand made in the UK by designer-maker Sarah Kelly.  Sarah is Brighton-based artist who has been working for over twenty years in illustration, textile design and mosaic.  Sarah set up Shark Alley in 2010 to return to hands-on making after several years of working digitally. As a passionate jewellery-lover of many years standing, this seemed a good place to start. Gradually more products have, and will, be added to the family. The medium may change, but the inspiration of animals, colour and pattern remain constant.

This piece sells for £18.

Shark Alley Hare Brooch


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